Board of Directors

Mr. Omar ElSayeh

Non-Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors at ALEXBANK

Mr. Omar ElSayeh is ALEXBANK's Non- Executive Chairman as of July 2016.

Mr. ElSayeh has over 40 years of experience in banking, finance, marketing, research and consultancy. During this period, he established and managed a number of private companies and worked for more than 26 years in the banking sector.

Before joining ALEXBANK, Mr. ElSayeh had been Non–Executive Chairman at Barclays Bank Egypt from 2007 to 2013 where, besides his responsibilities as Chairman of the Board, he was directly involved in the bank's corporate social responsibility and sustainability fields.

Before his assignment at Barclays Bank Egypt, Mr. ElSayeh spent 20 years at Citigroup in various executive roles and was a member of its core committees.

Mr. Omar ElSayeh holds a BA in Economics from the American University in Cairo.

Mr. Maurizio Barracco

Vice Chairman

Mr. Maurizio Barracco, is currently Vice Chairman of the board at ALEXBANK and as of April 2012, has been the President of Banco di Napoli SpA.

Mr. Barracco started his career after graduating with a Law degree from Naples and obtaining a Master's in Business Administration in New York. Starting his professional career as Chief Executive Officer at Lubrificanti, Veedol Getty Oil Italia in 1970, Mr. Barracco later occupied various relevant positions over the years: President of CEVI Ceramics, member of the Board of Central Bank of Italy in Region Campania and member of the Board of Directors or President in several companies, among which the Editor of largest Italian newspaper “Corriere della Sera” and member of the board (1986 - 2007), ARIN (Naples Water Company – President from 1995 to 2012), San Paolo IMI Bank Board Member (2004-2007), Bank of Alexandria (from 2006). In addition, he has been founder and member of the Board of the Editor of local newspaper “Corriere del Mezzogiorno” and honorary President of Federculture, a federation of local public corporations and private individuals to manage activities in the spare time sector such as tourism, culture and sports.

Mr. Dante Campioni

Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director
ALEXBANK (a bank of Intesa Sanpaolo)

Dante Campioni joined ALEXBANK in January, 2015 as Chief Executive Officer, Managing Director and Board Member.

Campioni brings with him strong commercial expertise gained from his diversified experience through different business units in the Intesa Sanpaolo Group. Starting 1979 his extensive Italian and international business experience featured several assignments within the Group, both in and outside Italy. Amongst the other he held the position of General Manager and Head of Europe and the Mediterranean Area in the London Hub of Sanpaolo IMI for about 6 years, where he managed a balance sheet in excess of €16bn total assets, Head of Corporate Banking and International Development at Banca IMI in 2006/2007 the Group’s investment banking arm with a turnover above €500Mn, and Head of Business of Mediocredito Italiano (ISP Group entity specialized in SMEs advisory and Financing) for more than 3 years.

Previous to his assignment in ALEXBANK, for about 3 years Campioni headed Liguria and South West Piedmont region, one of the largest Italian Areas within Banca dei Territori, the largest business unit of Intesa Sanpaolo Group. There he managed financial assets in excess of €21Bn through a network maintaining relationship with about half a million customers. Campioni’s global path included Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Singapore, and London, in addition to Milan, Turin, Rome, Florence and Genoa in Italy.

Throughout his career, Campioni has been a member of several banking institutions. Just before leaving to Egypt, he was the deputy chairman of the Italian Banking Association’s Regional Committee (Liguria ABI), and board member of Rete Fidi Liguria, a regional institution which provides guarantees on bank credit facilities granted to small and medium-sized Italian enterprises.

Mr. Eduardo Bombieri

Chief Risk Officer and Board Member


As of September 2015, Mr. Eduardo Bombieri, Chief Risk Officer and Board Member, joined ALEXBANK.

Mr. Bombieri joins ALEXBANK with a rich and broad international experience gained from working across various positions in several countries.

He started his international career in London in Structured Finance followed by over 10 years in the United States where he was heading Banca Intesa's International Desk.

Mr. Bombieri later managed Banca Intesa's Los Angeles Branch and finally their New York Branch, as well.

He also spent several years in Milan, where he was responsible for the set up and management of the International Corporate unit, and was later appointed head of ISP's International Credit.

Before joining ALEXBANK, Mr. Bombieri was a senior executive and Board Member in CIB, the Hungarian subsidiary of ISP, in charge of Risk, Underwriting, Finance, Operations and IT across different periods. 

Mr. Giovanni Bergamini

Non-Executive Member of the Board
Representative of ISP

With over 34 years of experience in the field of Banking, Mr. Giovanni Bergamini brings valuable experience to his current role as member of the BoD and Chairman of the Audit Committee in ALEXBANK Egypt. Mr Bergamini also acts as an independent member at Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Romania, with the same roles both in BoD and Audit Committee.

Prior to his current role, Mr. Bergamini worked for over 34 years in the field of banking. From June 1978 to January 1997, Mr. Bergamini progressed quite rapidly from the role of employee in Back Office to managing tasks in retail and corporate segment in a regional network. In January 1997 Mr. Bergamini was requested to move to Head Office in Internal Audit Division and from since then his career entirely progressed in the area of the third level of controls.

Starting from 2002 Mr. Bergamini progressively was involved on activities focused of the Bank’s International network and from May 2010 was nominated Head of the IA Office competent for ISP Group South Eastern Banks. Mr. Bergamini took the roles of Chairman of the Audit Committee in Privredna Banka Zagreb (Croatia), in Banca Intesa (Serbia) and Intesa Sanpaolo Banka (Bosna I Hercegovina), and of Permanent Invitee in Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Romania, and was confirmed as independent Chairman in the AC of those Banks from the date of his accession to the pension status in September 2012.

Mr. Giampiero Trevisan

Non-Executive Member of the Board
Representative of ISP

Mr. Giampiero Trevisan is member of ALEXBANK BoD and is Chairman of the Risk Committee of the bank. In addition he is currently member of the Board of Directors of Intesa Sanpaolo Romania and of the Supervisory Board of CIB Bank (Hungary) as well as the Audit Committees of these banks.

He used to be member of the BoD and Chairman of the Audit Committees of several others banks of Intesa Sanpaolo Group.

Mr. Trevisan mainly developed his expertise in the areas of auditing, credit and international banking. He was also director of various Italian branches of Intesa Group.

In Auditing, Mr Trevisan was in charge of the supervision of all the Italian and Foreign Subsidiaries of Intesa Group. He was also in charge of the Credit Auditing Activities for the entire Group. For several years he taught “Credit Matters” at the internal school of Intesa.

Mr. Trevisan was appointed Head of the Governance Unit within the International Subsidiary Banks Division. The role comprises designing, implementing and developing internal control systems and mechanisms pertaining to governance models of the Subsidiary Banks of the Group Intesa Sanpaolo in compliance with the Group guidelines and the local applicable laws.

Mr. Atter Hanoura

Non-Executive Member of the Board
Representative of the Public Domain

Eng. Atter Hannoura has 31 years of professional working experience in different capacities and business sectors. Eng. Hannoura is a PPP procurement and contract management professional, with all-round business experience mainly gained from working for the multilateral Organizations since 1997 (USAID 1 year then the World Bank for 9 years) as a Management Information System (MIS) and procurement expert, which were extended to full Project Management, Financing and Contract Management in the MENA Region.

Eng. Hannoura worked as a deputy general manager, Business development Director and Vice President for different Regional and Local Organizations with a strong direct to customer's experience. Such variance provided high exposures in senior and broadly based wider commercial aspects such as legal, logistics, sales and distribution, experience in business aspects in the Egyptian and Middle Eastern markets, as well as the implementation of total business and technology solutions, which was coupled by broad exposure to various cross-functional commercial and corporate affairs.

Since Feb 1st, 2007, Eng. Atter Hannoura has joined the Ministry of Finance of the Egyptian Government to participate in establishing the PPP Central Unit ,in the capacity of the Director of the Central Department for PPP Projects and Tendering Affairs Contract Manager responsible for implementing PPP initiative on a national basis. Eng. Hannoura was promoted to be the Director of the PPP Central Unit in May 2011.