Our Engagements

Our duty towards social responsibility and our latest initiatives towards health, education, culture and heritage, the environment and energy, and employee volunteerism.

  • “Building a Better Future” in Menya

    “Building a Better Future” is a project in coordination with Habitat for Humanity (NGO) that was implemented in AL- Gazeer Village in Menya Governorate in 2014. Throughout this project, ALEXBANK’s main focus was aimed at providing proper housing that directly affected the well-being of more than 50 families, the project involved the complete reconstruction of 45 houses of 270 individuals. ALEXBANK also enhanced stability in all areas of their lives, bringing humane living conditions and facilitates.

  • “Water for Life” in Assuit

    This is a project that is characterized by a strong partnership between ALEXBANK, UNICEF and the Rotaract El Tahrir club which was formed to help and provide “water connections” to many underprivileged villages in Upper Egypt in 2014. The first step in this mega project started with Bani Korra Village in Assuit. ALEXBANK provided the inhabitants of the village with clean water through “in house water connections” for 184 houses.

  • ALEXBANK’s support to street children through Samusocial

    ALEXBANK’s Sponsorship to Samusocial International Egypt aims mainly at campaigning against stigma and creating an increased sense of social belonging for street children in Egypt. ALEXBANK’s donation in 2013 was used by Samusocial exclusively to fund expenses that were directly allocated to the activities developed to help the children. The donation was also used to buy a new Mobile Unit for the NGO to help in reaching out to children in the street. This project aimed at creating social bonds with the most excluded children as well as setting up emergency shelters and professional services for them. Through this project articulates it focuses on the children’s right to be recognized with regards to their security, health, education and protection in the Egyptian Society.

  • ALEXBANK adopted El Saadna Village in Upper Egypt

    Adopting “Saadna“ Village was a national project in 2014, where several Egyptian and multinational corporations, banks and organizations took part in coordination with British Egyptian Business Association (BEBA) along with the British Egyptian CSR Coalition. The main aim was to unite efforts of the private sector to have an integrated development approach towards El Saadna Village. ALEXBANK’s share in this project sponsored the following:

    • Providing electricity for 27 houses in the village.
    • Full reconstruction for 8 full Houses.
    • Providing street lamps with a solar power system in the main roads of the village for security and safety.

    • ALEXBANK “Houses Roofing Project” in Upper Egypt

      During Ramadan 2015, ALEXBANK in coordination with Misr El Kheir NGO supported roofing for houses in Upper Egypt in Menya Governorate. This project was managed by the bank CSR Office as well as an employee donation campaign. The project supported 300 houses from which only 60 houses were roofed and 240 had minor interventions such as painting, fixing some water, etc. ALEXBANK also organized an Iftar to more than 200 from the village people which also involved employee and ramadan pack distribution in the village.

      • “The Water project” in Abo Yet Village in Beni Sweif

        In 2013, ALEXBANK in cooperation with Rotaract supported in building “house water connections” for 100 houses in addition to building 50 bathrooms for 50 houses in Abo Yet Village in Beni Sweif Governorate

        • "Play in the shadows” Show in Cooperation with Bibliotheca Alexandrina

          In 2016, ALEXBANK partnered with Bibliotheca Alexandrina in supporting "Play in the shadows” show. This show aimed at bringing parents and children living in hospitals and orphanages while keeping them entertained and interacting with each other through different workshops. The main concept helping very sick and underprivileged children thorough Art therapy. The project was managed by an Italian artist named Valentina Mera and targeted 150 children per day (30-35 children per workshop) who suffer from serious diseases such as cancer and heart disease and children living in orphanages. The project also tackled areas such as Alexandria, Tanta and Aswan.

        • “Ebda3 Men Masr” By ALEXBANK

      “Ebda3 Men Masr”, an initiative by ALEXBANK mainly developed to support, help and promote Egyptian Crafts and original artwork. This initiative was launched in 2015 with an aim to celebrate the endless Egyptian power of inspiration, and as a tribute to Egyptian masterpiece makers boosting locally and also internationally the Egyptian craftsmanship as well as increasing entrepreneurial opportunities for the economically and socially underprivileged communities in Egypt. It is based on several partnerships and collaborations between institutions, NGOs, governmental entities as well as individuals such as:

      “Fair Trade Empowerment and Promotion in Egypt” in partnership with Fair Trade Egypt (FTE)

      In 2016, ALEXBANK partnered with Fair Trade Egypt to help support marginalized crafts artisans to have sustainable & enough income that is generated through their production by equipping them with the necessary skills and tools, in addition to creating new marketing and export channels and enhancing existing ones. The project included interventions and activities for capacity building, product development, technical assistance and provision of tools and development to approximately 400 individual artisans clustered in 12 artisan groups in five different governorates as follows: Beheira, Fayoum, Qena, Asyut, and Red Sea. The project aims to fulfill the potential demand of handicrafts and promote these crafts in domestically & internationally. The project also aims to expand export of Egyptian quality handicrafts to Italy by conducting a comprehensive research on the Italian market to pragmatically increase opportunities of exports to Italy through increasing sales to the existing importer of crafts from Egypt and finding new ones. To know more about our partners and their products please go to our partners’ page.

        ALEXBANK’s support to the Fifth Annual “Tunis Village Festival for Pottery and Crafts” in Fayoum

        In 2015, ALEXBANK supported the Fifth Annual “Tunis Village Festival for Pottery and Crafts” in Fayoum which took place from the 3 -5 December, 2015. ALEXBANK partnered with the ceramic artists and pottery craftsmen in Tunis village producing handmade original pottery crafts that descend from history old practices. The festival hosted many activities such as special workshop for the largest piece of pottery in Egypt, a display of the oldest methods of pottery making across the world, documentary film shows, bird watching activities by the Qaroun Lake and touristic tours across Fayoum main sites. In 2016, the bank established a long term partnership Tunis village potters and the pottery school and decided to dedicate to make all its giveaway from Handmade/authentic Egyptian products. ALEXBANK packed the pottery pieces with a catalogue depicting the village activities and history as well as a card from the CEO explaining the rationale behind the gift. Part of the money was used as a donation to help the village in many infrastructural work.

          ALEXBANK’s Ramadan pack: “Palm-leaf basketry” project

          In 2016, ALEXBANK partnered with Fair Trade Egypt (FTE) to coordinate with palm-leaf basketry artisans in Fayoum Governorate, with whom FTE has been working since 2000. This partnership involved around 250-300 women specialized in palm-leaf basket craft and produce 5300 palm leaf baskets that are of high quality basketry to package Ramadan gifts of our employees. The coordination with FTE ensured that the process of production from the artisan to the consumer is governed by a system that is fair, transparent, and empowering to the artisan most importantly. Through this project ALEXBANK supported FTE by providing special care and resources to these artisans through capacity building trainings, literacy classes, and a sustainable retail of their income-generating activity of basketry with the constant visits and auditing to ensure fairness and equality.

            “Cluster formation for handicrafts and entrepreneurship development in Upper Egypt” in partnership with Egypt Network for integrated development (ENID)

            In 2016, ALEXBANK takes its CSR portfolio one step forward and launches “Ebda3 men Masr” initiative, with the ultimate goal to empower, promote and preserve Egyptian crafts and original artwork with a focus on boosting entrepreneurial opportunities especially for the communities of remote areas as ALEXBANK partnered with Egypt Network for Integrated Development (ENID) in a project in Upper Egypt that tackled issues such as job creation, skills development, and employability in the MsMEs and Entrepreneurship programs. The selection criteria of the trainees was based on prioritizing those women who have never had the chance to work because of low skills which encourages cooperation between women from different ethnic and religious groups by providing space for more interaction between women from different backgrounds. ENID NGO is mainly focused on the handicrafts cluster development and this partnership aimed to support ENID’s initiative; The One – village – One product (OVOP) model in four villages. One village produces one competitive manufactured product and expands to form a viable economic cluster to complete the value chain to marketing and sales to 600 beneficiaries. The project contributed to the economic diversification and employment in different governorates in Upper Egypt among disadvantaged groups (youth and women in rural communities) specifically via training and capacity building for specific jobs in specific product markets.