Since its inception, ALEXBANK played a vital role in supporting public and private – local and multinational corporations, contributing to the welfare of the Egyptian economy.

Corporate, Investment and FI line of business launched an ambitious development strategy to cater for the corporate financing needs and provide up to standard services capitalizing on ALEXBANK's lending capacity and the widely spread bank network through 170 branches covering all Egyptian governorates.


ALEXBANK’s Corporate, Investment and FI line of business maintains four platforms:

  • Domestic Corporate Banking
  • Multinational Corporate Banking
  • Investment Banking.
  • Financial Institutions

Domestic Corporate Banking:

Applying centralization of credit assessment and sector specialization where corporate banking is divided into teams each handling a number of sectors/subsectors enabling credit staff to improve each sector's know-how based on specialization. Accordingly, this enables high quality and sophisticated credit assessment to ensure providing tailored structures to fit the needs of different corporations working in diversified sectors.

Multinational Corporate Banking:

Maintaining highly qualified calibers dedicated to serve multinational companies in general and Italian companies in specific.

Investment Banking:

The Investment Banking team, capitalizing on their expertise and mature track record in the market, provide a full suite of innovative advisory and financing solutions from term lending to highly structured and specialized products across the debt capital markets underpinned by one of the most successful debt capital market platforms. With special emphasis on the ability to initiate, finance and successfully complete complex transactions, our Investment Banking team provide tailor-made solutions for our clients based on advice by industry and complete product awareness. Our team’s deep industry knowledge results in customized solutions for growing and evolving companies catering even to the most sophisticated needs.

Financial Institutions:

Our Financial Institutions department manages the relationship with banks and financial institutions across the globe. It is devoted to cater for the growing trade business and to seize the maximum opportunity by capitalizing on Intesa Sanpaolo's Group international presence as well as the wide network of correspondents that AEXBANK maintains