Micro Depositors Saving Account

With only 500 Pounds, open your Micro Depositor Saving Account today!

Micro Depositors can now open an account with the lowest minimum opening balance and enjoy the highest interest rate possible.


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  • Ability to open the account with a minimum opening balance of 500 Pounds and earn the highest interest rate.
  • Ability to withdraw money from more than 300 ALEXBANK ATM machines located across Egypt.
  • Customers saving an average monthly balance of EGP 2,000 for 3 consecutive months, will receive a 50% administrative fees discount on their next loan.
  • Issuance of Debit Card upon account opening.
  • Minimum age to open a Micro Depositor Saving Account is 21 years
  • Ability to open an account for a minor under the authority of his/her guardian until the minor reaches the age of 21
  • Ability to open an account for a working minor at the age of sixteen or older
  • Ability to open a joint account

Required documents:

  • A copy of your national ID or passport