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Welcome to your exclusive world of ALEXBANK Debit Cards

You no longer need to carry cash. Use your ALEXBANK debit card for all your purchases and cash withdrawals.

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Liverpool World Debit Card

Liverpool World debit card is specifically designed for ALEXBANK Private customers, offering a unique banking experience that reflects the uniqueness of the cardholder with a package of exclusive features and offers to make your travel and shopping a memorable luxuries experience.

Liverpool Platinum Debit Card

The Liverpool Platinum Debit Card offers you a distinctive banking experience that includes exceptional and unprecedented benefits, offers, discounts and services that suits your needs inside or outside Egypt.

YOUTH Liverpool FC Debit Card

Live the Liverpool FC Anfield experience with the YOUTH Liverpool FC Debit Card and earn the chance to travel to Liverpool every month and watch your favorite football club at their legendary home stadium “Anfield” in ACTION, or you can get gifts from “Liverpool Club Store” on a monthly basis

YOUTH Debit Card

The YOUTH Debit Card from ALEXBANK with its fun and colorful look reflects your personality and is your gateway to a world of banking products and exclusive discounts

Platinum Card

AlexBank invites you to discover the power of the all-new Visa Platinum Debit Card, a card designed to meet your every need.

International Debit Card INSPIRE

Enjoy zero fees on cash withdrawals from any Intesa San Paolo ATM machine located around the world with Inspire, the international debit card from ALEXBANK