Inspire Debit Card

Enjoy zero fees on cash withdrawals from any Intesa San Paolo ATM machine located around the world with Inspire, the international debit card from ALEXBANK

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Your ALEXBANK Inspire Card offers you each of the below:

The freedom and peace of mind to withdraw cash without commissions from over 9000 Intesa San Paolo ATM machines globally in twelve different countries (Slovakia, Romania, Egypt, Albania, Slovenia, Russia, Czech Republic, Bosnia, Ukrain, Serbia, Italy, Croatia).

  • Convenient access to your current or saving account wherever you are in the world, with the ability to benefit from making purchases at any card accepting retailer worldwide.
  • The convenience of a local network of 180 branches with more than 300 ATM machines at your disposal 24/7.
  • Consistent 24/7 support while travelling via our contact center (+202 19033) and assistance wherever you may go. You can activate your card, check your account balance and quickly and easily report any theft or loss of card, and have your card halted in the case of any unfortunate circumstances.
  • Free SMS alerts to your mobile phone with every purchase/transaction helping you keep track of your spending.
  • Access all of your accounts via our internet banking service wherever you are, allowing you to check your balances, transfer funds from one account to another and request activation for a wide range of banking services electronically.
  • Ability to pay your mobile phone, landline, internet subscription and other monthly bills via our ATM machines through our “Fawry” services.
  • Feel safe with the medical and legal assistance services for you and your family whenever you are travelling abroad for up to 90 days

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