Ma7fazty Mobile Application

Discover the new Ma7fazty application that allows you to transform your mobile phone into an electronic wallet, enabling you to perform daily payments in a safe and convenient way.







Ma7fazty offers the following services:

  • Send Money

Ability to transfer money from one person to another (from any mobile wallet to the other)

  • Cash In & Cash Out

Cash out and deposit money to your wallet from any ALEXBANK branch or Fawry Agent

  • Purchases

Pay for goods from any merchants who has the MasterCard Mobile Logo in Egypt

  • Fawry Services

Mobile top-up, utility bill payment, car licensing, donations, ADSL payment and more

  • Load Wallet

Load your wallet through linking ALEXBANK debit or/and Credit Card to customer's wallet (for ALEXBANK customers only)

  • My Balance

Wallet Balance Inquiry

To know more please visit Ma7fazty's official website

Terms & Conditions

The service is available for any ALEXBANK or non-ALEXABNK customer. You can register through the following steps:

  • ​​Visit your nearest ALEXBANK branch to fill in the registration form.
  • You will receive SMS with the download link and activation code 
  • Download Ma7fazty
  • Enter your registered mobile number​​​
  • Enter your activation code
  • Enjoy Ma7fazty!

Required Docum​​ents: ​​

  • Valid Mobile Number
  • Valid National ID

*Applied Fees

    How can I load my Wallet ?

    You have two options:

    • Visit your nearest ALEXBANK branch or Fawry agent to deposit cash to your wallet.
    • Or Visit ALEXBANK to link your ALEXBANK debit or/and credit card to your wallet
    • You can Load wallet from debit card balance/or within credit card maximum limit using Ma7fazty on your mobile via the " Load wallet " feature (for ALEXBANK customers only).


      How can I link my ALEXBANK debit or/and Credit Card to my mobile wallet?

      • Visit the nearest ALEXBANK branch.
      • Fill in a registration form to link your ALEXBANK debit or/and credit card to your wallet.
      • Our customer service agent will activate the link.


      Are there limits for "Ma7fazty "Transactions? What are the transaction limits?

      • Maximum wallet balance is EGP 20,000.
      • Maximum daily cash withdrawal and  transfer limit is  EGP10,000.
      • Maximum daily purchase transaction limit is EGP 10,000.
      • Maximum daily bill payment transaction limit is EGP 10,000.


      How can I change my wallet's PIN?

      • Go to "settings" on your ma7fazty application.
      • Enter your old PIN.
      • Enter your new PIN twice for confirmation.
      • You will receive a notification for confirmation .

      What if I entered a wrong PIN several times?

      • The service will be locked untill you call the Contact Center at 19033 to reset your PIN number after verifying your personal data.

      What if I changed my mobile phone?

      • Uninstall Ma7fazty from your mobile phone.
      • Call our Contact Center at 19033.
      • After verifying your  data, you will receive an SMS with the application link and activation code.
      • Download the application on your new phone and enter the activation code to start enjoying the service.


      What if my mobile SIM card was lost or stolen?

      • Call the Contact Center at 19033 to temporarily suspend the service.
      • Change your SIM card via your mobile service provider.
      • Call the Contact Center at 19033 once more to activate the Service.

      What if I changed my mobile phone number?

      • Visit your nearest ALEXBANK branch to withdraw your wallet's available balance.
      • Fill in  the "Service Termination Form" to close your wallet.
      • Re-register to the Service using your new phone number.

      What if I want to terminate the Service?

      • Visit your nearest ALEXBANK branch.
      • Cash out your wallet balance
      • Fill in a "Service Termination Form"
      • ALEXBANK will close your wallet within 5 working days.