Corporate Card

Safety. Reliability. Convenience

The Card that makes business easier and better than ever before…

Designed just for you, the Corporate Card from ALEXBANK for your travel and business needs.

ALEXBANK Corporate Card is tailor-made to cover all your corporate expenses whether used locally for corporate hospitality or while travelling for business. It is an easier, safer and more convenient tool that eliminates the burden of carrying cash. ALEXBANK Corporate Card eliminates the hassle of mixing and segregating your personal use from your business use, thus making the settlement process smoother.

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With your Corporate Card from ALEXBANK, you will enjoy a number of unique features:

  • Up to EGP 30,000 daily purchase limit
  • Up to EGP 4,000 ( equivalent of USD 660 ) monthly cash advance
  • Card transactions reconciled on a monthly basis
  • Benefit of a variety of exclusive offers, discounts and promotions
  • Free SMS service provides you notification on all your purchases and transactions

Corporate cards are issued to the company's account at ALEXBANK

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