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Small enterprises have some or all of the following characteristics:

  • Personal experience of business owner
  • No segregation between ownership and management
  • Small businesses activities are not technology based
  • Low number of workers whether seasonal or permanent
  • Simple management module, business cycle, and finished products
  • Local market coverage

Small enterprises cover all economic activities

  • Commercial
    All business activities such as iron and cement trade, tools and equipment for health, architectural, electricity purposes, food commodities, imports, export, etc.
  • Industrial
    Non-traditional industries such as furniture workshops, leather manufacturing workshops, food manufacturing, plastic industries, household appliances
  • Services
    Hospitals, radiology centers and medical laboratories, as well as car service and maintenance centers, travel and tourism offices, schools, restaurants, etc.
  • Agricultural
    Agricultural fertilizers, pesticides, seeds, and breeding and fattening cattle
  • Contracting and supplies
    Financing construction and infrastructure projects as well as various supply contracts