Terms & conditions for using “Electronic Banking Services”

As one of the leading and prestigious Banks in the Arab Republic of Egypt, and always seeks to provide the highest level of service for corporate and retail Customers, ALEXBANK offers «Electronic Banking Services» to its Customers in order to facilitate their self-operation of accounts at their offices and workplaces thus saving their time.

Whereas the Customer is a Customer of the Bank and maintains an account/ accounts with the Bank, upon which various banking transactions are being made, and whereas the Customer intends, by signing the present application form, to take advantage of the use of «Electronic Banking Services» including Internet Banking and Mobile Banking services provided by ALEXBANK excluding Ma7fazty service, in accordance with the terms and conditions listed below, the terms and conditions and provisions listed in the Customer’s account opening application form, held with the Bank, shall remain in force and effect for all transactions, as well as for the Customer’s relationship with the Bank.


1. Definitions:

As applied herein, the following terms and phrases shall have the meanings as set out hereunder, unless otherwise provided:

2. General Terms and Conditions:

3. Certificate of Deposits booking:

The terms and conditions enclosed in this agreement represent the entire agreement between the bank and the owner of the certificate of deposit, who has decided to book a specified amount of money within the bank. These terms and conditions, as well as the general terms and conditions for account opening, apply to the customer in force at the time of purchase during the working hours, and may be changed from time to time with customer notification in a manner deemed appropriate by the bank in case there is any changes in these Terms and Conditions.


B. The Bank shall not be liable for any decrease in the value of the certificate of deposit or the entitlement of its proceeds due to tax deduction, fees, expenses, issuance of regulations or binding government decisions in this respect or a reservation against the customer or an administrative reservation which entitles the Bank to pay any dues on the client, or due to the occurrence of force majeure or any reason beyond the control of the Bank


C. The term “force majeure” as used in this convention means: general aggression, wars, siege, armed coup, riot, epidemic, landslide: earthquake, fires, storms, floods, civil disturbance, terrorist incidents, or any other reason out of the bank’s control in preventing such reasons


D. The Bank may, at any time in its sole discretion, waive all liabilities towards the value of the certificate of deposit after informing the customer by a manner deemed appropriate by the Bank within a reasonable time frame by sending an irrevocable bank check payable to the client’s order in the same currency as the savings certificates at the closing time, as well as any other documents (if any) which the Bank may deem necessary for the completion of such transfer at the address of the customer mentioned in this agreement


B. In the case of the joint account, all mail between the bank and the holders of the joint account shall be delivered at the address mentioned in the bank’s records upon opening the joint account. The owner of the address shall be responsible for communicating the information sent to him by the bank to the other joint account holders

C. The customer undertakes that the address mentioned in the preamble of this agreement will remain valid throughout the certificate deposit tenure. He/she undertakes to provide the bank with the new address in writing in the case of changing the place of residence

D. Customer Notification Mechanisms:

The Customer hereby authorizes and agrees that the Bank uses any of the appropriate notification means listed below, without limitation, to notify him/her of any modification or change that may occur to the terms and conditions of this contract.

Postal services: through the postal authority or any postal service company chosen by the Bank by regular mail or mail at the customer’s registered address fixed at the bank

Email: registered at the bank according to the data that was provided by the client

SMS: on the mobile number according to the customer data

ALEXBANK Website: “www.alexbank.com”

Internet banking services

Mobile banking application






4. Terms of Deposits Booking:

Time Deposit Redemption Schedule

Time Deposit Type Redemption Rule
Normal Time Deposit in EGP A deduction of 2% from the applied interest on the Time Deposit
Normal Time Deposit in FCY Saving Account rates apply
Time Deposit Plus A deduction of 5% from the applied interest on the Time
3 & 6 Months Smart Time Deposit The rate of the Normal Time Deposits on the day of booking is applied
1 Year Smart Time Deposit / Upfront Time Deposits 4% will be reduced from the applied interest on the Time Deposit if broken within the first 6 months, and 3% will be reduced from the applied interest on the Time Deposit if broken within 7 to 12 months



5. Biometric Terms & Conditions:

6. Transfer of Funds:

7. Payment of Bills:

8. Services Operation:

9. Software:

10. Copyrights and Trademarks:

11. Amendment of Terms:

12. Services Fees:

13. No warranty:

14. Obligations:

15. Disclaimer:

16. Termination of the Services:

17. Correspondence Addresses & Complaints:

18. Governing law and Jurisdiction:

19. Language:

20. Acceptance of Terms and Conditions: