The customer alone bears full responsibility if he uses a biometric authentication method, such as fingerprint, facial recognition feature, or any other biometric authentication method that the bank decides to activate in the future, to log in to the bank`s various applications. The customer is deemed to acknowledge that any procedure carried out after the authentication process has been carried out with his knowledge and under his responsibility and without any responsibility on behalf of the bank

The customer acknowledges that he agrees to activate/ continue using the biometric features for using the bank`s electronic services by using security code devices/ applications or using one-time passwords that are sent to the customer in any way the bank deems appropriate from among the means of communication available at the bank, according to the contact information of the customer registered with the bank. The customer also acknowledges that he will continue to use biometric features as an authentication method when resetting the account password

The customer acknowledges that he has read and agreed to all terms & conditions related to biometric methods, and the bank has the right to partially or completely suspend these features for the customer whenever the bank deems it necessary, and according to its assessment of the risks that may arise from providing that service/ in the event of security gaps in some devices or systems, with the bank doing so. By notifying him in any way the bank deems appropriate from among the means of communications available at the bank, according to the customer`s contact information registered with the bank

These terms & conditions are subject to the laws of the Arab Republic of Egypt, and any dispute that may arise from their interpretation, or implementation will be settled through Egypt courts of all types and degrees