Terms & conditions for using “Electronic Banking Services”


As one of the leading and prestigious Banks in the Arab Republic of Egypt, and always seeks to provide the highest level of service for corporate and retail Customers, ALEXBANK offers «Electronic Banking Services» to its Customers in order to facilitate their self-operation of accounts at their offices and workplaces thus saving their time.

Whereas the Customer is a Customer of the Bank and maintains an account/ accounts with the Bank, upon which various banking transactions are being made, and whereas the Customer intends, by signing the present application form, to take advantage of the use of «Electronic Banking Services» including Internet Banking and Mobile Banking services provided by ALEXBANK excluding Ma7fazty service, in accordance with the terms and conditions listed below, the terms and conditions and provisions listed in the Customer’s account opening application form, held with the Bank, shall remain in force and effect for all transactions, as well as for the Customer’s relationship with the Bank.


1. Definitions:

As applied herein, the following terms and phrases shall have the meanings as set out hereunder, unless otherwise provided:

2. General Terms and Conditions:

3. Transfer of Funds:

4. Payment of Bills:

5. Services Operation:

6. Software:

7. Copyrights and Trademarks:

8. Amendment of Terms:

9. Services Fees:

10. No warranty:

11. Obligations:

12. Disclaimer:

13. Termination of the Services:

14. Correspondence Addresses & Complaints:

15. Governing law and Jurisdiction:

16. Language:

17- Acceptance of Terms and Conditions: