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Crops Finance

Finance dedicated to enhance customers with crops activities

Key Features

Finance to vast varieties of crops

Finance to “Sugar – fruits - vegetables – Herbs” crops

Tailor made repayment cycle

Repayment cycle matches each financed crop harvest cycle

Crops Finance insurance

Insurance against unexpected loss for the financed crop

Dedicated finance to crops activities

Finance to working capital and fixed assets related to crops activities

A simple and easy way to monitor all your loan details

Monitor all your loan details

Check your loan type, currency, amount, loan maturity and installment amount anytime you want.
Loan Features
Loan Tenor
  • Working Capital Up-to 12 months
  • Fixed Assets Up-to 60 months
Loan Amount
Loan Amount
  • Working Capital Up-to EGP 3M
  • Fixed Assets Up-to EGP 5M

Additional Features:

  • Finance against “ fruits, vegetables, herbs, sugary” crops
  • Repayment cycle matching the harvesting cycle for each financed crop
  • Crops insurance

Program Requirements

Customer age:

Starting from 23 till 65 years old

Required documents:

  • Copy of national ID
  • Commercial register
  • Taxation card
  • Contractual agreement for cultivated crop selling
  • Company certificate/ statement, showing the count of crops provided by the farmer during last season
  • Letter from the agricultural cooperative association stating the customer’s experience in farming
  • 2  price quotations for the financed fixed assets

Additional documentation may be required based on the financed crop

Internet Banking

Internet Banking

Access all types of loans details: type, currency, amount, loan maturity, installment amount, etc.

Display loan installments in a statistical chart (paid installments vs non-paid installments)

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