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Smart Time Deposit with Monthly Payout

Smart solution for your short term investments

Key Features

Various Tenures

Choose between the various short term tenures available

Credit Facilities

Apply for a credit facility against the deposit

Fixed Interest Rates

Fixed interest during the tenure of your deposit

Do you want to access instant funds after booking your investment?

Get instant funds after booking your investment

You can book a secured loan or a credit facility up to 90% of the value of your deposit

Smart Time Deposit with Monthly Payout

Fixed interest payments

  • Enjoy a fixed return during the entire tenure of the time deposit

Interest payout frequency

  • Monthly payout
  • Interest rates changed on some tenors starting from 14/03/2024
Flexible financing solutions for salaried customers
Deposit Features
  • Available tenures 3 / 6 /12 months
  • Time deposit amounts starting from EGP 1,000
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