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Financial Institutions

A key role in facilitating the delivery of products and services

  • With multiple foreign currencies accounts held at 27 correspondent banks in different countries we are able to efficiently comprehend the needs of our clients.
  • The FI ensures that AlexBank Customers can safely conduct financial transactions with responsibly-managed, safe and sound institutions by monitoring facilities granted to correspondent banks and vice-versa to guarantee well received mutual benefits.
  • Two accounts were opened with Euroclear & Clearstream for Securities clearance and settlement, custody centralized safekeeping and security lending/borrowing.
  • ALEXBANK's FI team is happy to timely attend to Clients requirements from Sunday through Thursday from 8 am to 5 pm Cairo time in order to ensure continuous customer satisfaction.

Bank Relationship

Initiate New Business Relationships in new and/or existing markets.

We help to meet regulatory demands and requirements by exchanging essential documents with Financial Institutions (authorized signatures, annual reports, swift arrangements, AML Questionnaires, FATCA, etc.).

Open and Close Nostro/Vostro accounts for Financial Institutions.

Set-up and monitor granted limits (Money Market, FX, SWAP & Trade Finance) for Correspondent Banks and ensure non breach of CBE regulations.

Negotiate Loan Agreements with Supranational Entities.

And Attend timely to inquiries raised by Correspondent Banks and/or ALEXBANK's branches and departments.

Trade Business

Trade Facilitation Programs (TFPs) with Supranational Entities (IFC, EBRD, etc..) are negotiated and are in place. These programs were launched to support the international flow of goods and services with certain markets, mainly emerging markets;

Commercial Credit Lines are being set to accommodate trade finance transactions with Correspondent Banks globally; and

Letters of Credit and Letters of Guarantee  processing within 24 hours (subject to credit limits availability) The processing of Trade Finance business are handled through five working days a week in three dedicated trade centers (Cairo, Alexandria and Port Saeed).

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