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Transfer Instantly 24/7

Transfer instantly 24/7 through ALEXBANK Internet Banking with no fees to any Bank Account in the Instant Payment Network "IPN", any Meeza Prepaid Card or to any Mobile Wallet in Egypt

Key Features

Monitor your account

Monitor your banking transactions & account details anytime & anywhere

Easy transfers

Instant Funds Transfers 24/7 with no fees

O-Key Reactivation

Self-reactivation of your O-Key through the application

Banking made easy

ALEXBANK is working for more. Our 24/7 responsive Internet Banking platform helps you get the most out of your ALEXBANK account(s), products, and services. Our aim is to offer you innovative products and services that respond to your needs anytime and anywhere.

For added security, we have applied the latest OTP (one- time password) technology for online transfers generated through your hardware or mobile token, available for (IOS, Android devices, Huawei and smartphones)

Corporate Accounts and Deposits


  • Access all accounts details: type, balance, currency, statement related items, interest rate, status, etc.
  • Access all deposits details: type, currency, interest rate, maturity date, booking date, tenor, etc.
  • Display and export transactions (with statistical charts), and filter transactions history with date range or/ and transactions type

Corporate Cards


  • Access all types of cards details: card status, issuance date, expiry date, transactions limits (for credit cards), etc.
  • Display and export cards transactions (with statistical charts), and filter transactions history with date range or/ and transactions type
  • Display the credit card related details: available balance, due amount, and due date, etc.

Corporate Loans and Facilities


  • Access all types of loans details: type, currency, amount, loan maturity, installment amount, etc.
  • Access overdraft account details: amount, status, etc.
  • Display loan installments in a statistical chart (paid installments vs non-paid installments)
  • Display and export all facilities transactions and filter transactions history with date range or/ and transactions type

Instant Funds Transfers 24/7

  • Instant transfers 24/7 free of charge to:
    • Any bank account in the Instant Payment Network (IPN) using bank account number or IBAN or Instant Payment address “IPA” or mobile number
    • Meeza Prepaid Cards using card number or Instant Payment address “IPA” or mobile number
    • Any Mobile Wallet in Egypt using mobile number
  • Transfer funds to any other account inside or outside the bank in Egypt in Egyptian Pounds
  • Transfer funds between own corporate accounts in local currency (EGP)
  • Transfer funds between own corporate accounts in foreign currencies or from foreign currency account to local currency account (EGP)
  • Easily get your IBAN form the internet banking to facilitate incoming transfers
  • Settle corporate credit card dues
  • Schedule and/ or save any of the above-mentioned fund transfer requests
  • Execute Payroll and Bulk transfers
  • Daily & monthly transfer limits:
Limit Type Limits (EGP)
Daily Monthly
Transfers limit EGP 5,000,000 EGP 50,000,000
Payroll transfer limit EGP 5,000,000 EGP 50,000,000

Other Services


  • Have dual control (Maker, Checker profiles) on transactions
  • Service is available in both Arabic and English
  • Create your favorite beneficiaries list to facilitate the daily payments. 
  • Locate your nearest ALEXBANK Branch or ATM across the country
  • Display the updated foreign exchange rates and convert multiple currencies with currency calculator
  • Change transfer limits (decreased only)
Mobile Banking App

O-Key Application

Transact faster, safer and more seamlessly with ALEXBANK’s O-Key for Mobile and Internet Banking… Transfer money, settle your credit card and pay all your bills.

Download Now : Android - IOS

Know More

For New Users
Registration and activation by visiting the nearest branch
Visit your nearest branch, fill the Internet Banking application
Required corporate documents: Commercial Register & Taxation Card
Required delegator documents: Valid national ID
You will get initial login PIN via SMS
Get the hard token at the branch (if selected)
Service activation will take average two business days
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