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Special Financing Programs

ALEXBANK offers a range of standard lending products, all capped at a maximum value of EGP 5MM per customer regardless the number of granted products, all using a checklist approach

Short term lending products

Receivables Finance

Want to accelerate your collection cycle and get the opportunity to increase your sales? Receivables finance will allow you to get an advance against receivables to get funds you need to start a new business cycle or take advantage of a business opportunity.

  • Short term lending mostly in the form of overdraft to finance accounts receivables in the form of cheques
  • Suitable for all industries having credit sales and working capital financing needs
  • Drawing power up to 60% for receivables

Contracts and Supply Orders Finance

Contracts / supply order will help you get required funds to meet contract obligations. This product will help you also issue required bank guarantees to allow you to participate in bidding participation.

  • Short term lending in the form of overdraft to finance contracts and/or supply orders with possibility to issue LGs required for bidding participation process
  • Suitable for contractors and industries in the field of general supply
  • Drawing power up to 40% of total assigned contracts or supply orders

Exports Finance

Export finance will allow you to get funds needed to acquire resources needed to fulfill your company’s activities in the export process including raw materials, production inputs or even accelerate your receivables until proceeds of export contract is credited to your account.

  • Short term lending in the form of overdraft against export LC or IDBCs
  • Suitable for all industries having export proceeds
  • Drawing power up to 80%
  • Maximum tenor does not exceed 180 days

Medium term lending products

Machinery, Equipment & Production Lines Finance

An easy way to expand your business and increase your earning fixed assets. This product covers the financing required to acquire machinery, production lines, tools and business automation solutions.

  • Tenors available up to 5 years including grace period up to 9 months
  • Finance available up to 70% of total asset value

Business Vehicles & Fleet Finance

This offer is dedicated to all business types with needs to purchase fleet needed to support business activities. This includes transport vehicles, commercial vehicles, staff passenger cars (company owned).

  • Suitable for all type of commercial vehicles serving the activity
  • Tenors available up to 5 years – no grace period
  • Finance available up to 70% of total asset value

Schools & Educational Institutes Finance

To finance expansions, renovations, equipment and student buses

  • Tenors available up to 5 – no grace period
  • Finance available up to 70% of total asset value
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Monitor all your finance details

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