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Tailored Finance

Tailor your own finance solution for your business

Expand your Project with ALEXBANK

Customized solutions designed specifically to meet your business day to day financing requirements, whether permanent or seasonal, as well as your required lending to support your business expansion and growth. Financing is available in one or more of the following types:

  • Short term lending (fixed repayment frequency).
  • Overdraft facilities.
  • Medium and Long term loans: to finance part of the (machinery, equipment and production line cost) starting from more than one year and up to seven years.
A simple and easy way to monitor all your loan details

Monitor all your loan details

Check your loan type, currency, amount, loan maturity and installment amount anytime you want.
Get your dream

Internet Banking

Access all types of loans details: type, currency, amount, loan maturity, installment amount, etc.

Display loan installments in a statistical chart (paid installments vs non-paid installments)


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