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Ma7fazty Mobile Application

Explore the next generation of electronic money transactions, now at the tip of your fingers

Simplify your life…Discover ALEXBANK's mobile wallet Ma7fazty

Ma7fazty* combines all your essential daily money transactions in one mobile application. It's a highly effective method of facilitating and simplifying secure money transactions… all in few simple steps.

And enjoy the below services through Ma7fazty App:

  • Recieve and transfer money to any wallet in Egypt
  • Cash out your money from any ATM
  • Purchase whatever you want online using “online Card”
  • Fawry services

*In cooperation with Meeza Digital

Ma7fazty Features
Ma7fazty Features
Ma7fazty Features
Send Money: Ability to transfer money to your family and friends having any mobile wallet
Fawry Services: Mobile top-up & bill payment, utility bill payment, microfinance instalment payment, donations, tickets and more
Online Card: you can purchase whatever you want online without having debit/credit card by generating an Online Card from Ma7fazty
Load Wallet: Load your wallet through linking ALEXBANK debit or/and Credit Card to your wallet
Cash In & Cash Out: Cash out/in money to your wallet from any ATM providing Card-less services, Fawry outlets or ALEXBANK branches
Maximum Limits for Ma7fazty
Ma7fazty Mobile Application service Limits:
  • Maximum Daily Transaction Limit EGP 60,000
  • Maximum Monthly Transaction Limit EGP 200,000
  • Maximum Balance Limit EGP 100,000
How to subscribe
The service is available for any ALEXBANK or non-ALEXBANK customer for free. You can register through the following steps:
To subscribe, visit the nearest branch
You will receive SMS with the app download link and activation code
Download Ma7fazty & insert related mobile number
Enter your activation code and create 6-digit M-PIN.
Enjoy Ma7fazty!

Click here to check if you have a mobile wallet or to unregister your current wallet through following these steps.

Ma7fazty Wallet Fees
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