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Electronic Bill Payments (Fawry)

Fawry platform allows you to access a long list of payments opportunities in a very easy, transparent and efficient way

Pay bills and everything


  • Ability to inquire, pay bills, donate, top-up …etc through ALEXBANK's different channels available 24/7
  • Obtain/Download a receipt stating the paid amount or value of the charged balance
  • Convenient and secure bill payment channel
  • Save time and hassle by paying your bills directly through our electronic channels
  • Pay bills or recharge the balance on behalf of the family or others
  • Appearance of Fawry transactions in the client's periodic account statement


  • No fees are applied for top up nor bill inquiry
  • Customer will pay a fixed fee per each bill or donation that they choose to pay via ATM (Please check fees on the screen)
Fawry payment serv

Pay your bills

Enjoy Fawry Services available through ALEXBANK's different channels:

  • ATM machines available across Egypt
  • Internet Banking
  • Mobile Banking Application
  • Ma7fazty Application
How to use the service?
ALEXBANK Customers can pay bills, recharge their mobile balance, donate, and other Fawry services by following the below steps:
Select "Fawry Services"
Choose bill type: "Telecom & Internet, Utilities, Donations ...etc"
Check the billers list and choose the required biller
Enter reference number such as mobile number ...etc
In case of mobile recharge, choose the amount you wish to recharge
Payment details will be displayed such as due amount, due date etc.
Enter the amount that you wish to pay
Revise full payment details and confirm payment
Choose the account that will debit from it (Current / Saving)
Receive/download payment receipt
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