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People with Disabilities

ALEXBANK's efforts towards the Elderly and People with Disabilities (PwD)

Accessibility for All...

In line with ALEXBANK's efforts towards the implementation of Financial Inclusion, the bank has taken several measures to guarantee accessibility for all its customers to enable them to benefit from the best possible banking experience. Accordingly, a lot of these efforts were directed towards creating an accessible infrastructure for the Elderly and People with Disabilities (PwD). The executed measures can be found in this section.

Included products and services:

Ebda’ Account

  • Tiered saving account with monthly interest payments starting from EGP 250
  • No minimum account opening balance
  • Free account opening & maintenance fees


Ebda’ Account

Inspire Debit Card

  • Free cash deposit & withdrawal from any ALEXBANK ATM
  • Experience an exclusive world of discounts using your card through ALEXDISCOUNTS
  • Earn 1.5 ALEXPOINTS for every EGP 1 you spend using your card and redeem them easily at finest brands

Inspire Debit Card

Meeza Prepaid Card

  • Pay your governmental transactions, pay your bills & domestic purchases easily
  • Reload the card and withdraw cash from any ALEXBANK ATM for free
  • No need to open a bank account

Meeza Prepaid Card

Mobile Application and Internet Banking

  • Access your ALEXBANK accounts easily and monitor your transactions instantly
  • Instant & secure Booking of Deposits through the Mobile Banking & Internet Banking without having to visit the branch
  • Easy transfers to your accounts or other accounts with the O-Key link, bill payments & transfers to any electronic wallet in Egypt

Mobile Application and Internet Banking

Ma7fazty Mobile Application

  • Combines all your essential daily money transactions in one mobile application
  • Fawry Services: Mobile top-up & bill payment, utility bill payment, microfinance instalment payment, donations, tickets and more
  • Cash In & Cash Out: Cash out/in money to your wallet from any ATM providing Card-less services, Fawry outlets or ALEXBANK branches

Ma7fazty Mobile Application

Elderly and People with Disabilities (PwD) Banking Experience...


Home Visits

To emphasize on the importance of providing banking services for everyone, ALEXBANK has provided home visits for People with Disabilities (PwD) and the Elderly.

Customers eligible for home visits:

  • Elderly aged 65+ years old with dormant accounts to reactivate their accounts
  • People with the below disabilities:
    • Mobility impairment
    • Visual impairment
    • Hearing impairment
    • Multiple impairments
    • Hearing and visual impairments

How to request a home visit

Eligible customers can request a home visit through ALEXBANK's website

  • For PwD customers home visit click here
  • For Elderly aged 65+ years old with dormant accounts click here for account reactivation

Or you can request a home visit by calling the contact center on 19033 or 19044 for MAGNIFICA and Private customers.

Required documents for PwD customers

  • People with disabilities Card or a medical report

Accessible Branches & ATMs

ALEXBANK is constantly working on improving its infrastructure, which is an important periodic step taken to ensure the continuous development of an accessible banking experience to all customers. Accordingly, we are continuously improving the below:

  • Making most of our branches wheelchair accessible.
  • Training staff to deal with PwD's needs.
  • Availing audio files for the terms and conditions of account opening form and Meeza card form, in addition to availing Braille format for the account opening form and Meeza card form across all bank branches to support customers with visual impairment.
  • Equipping some ATMs to assist visually impaired customers and wheelchair users.

Digital Accessibility

Egypt has been witnessing a lot of efforts towards digitalization, which comes with a lot of opportunities to reach more customers. Accordingly, ALEXBANK has carefully examined the accessibility of its services to better make use of digital opportunities to enable customers to reach the bank’s products and services easily.

ALEXBANK's Digital Corner

The digital corner is located in Cairo and Gouna branches and includes a calling pod that allows the customer to communicate with customer service representatives via video calls. The calling pod is also accessible for wheelchair users. Additionally, customers can communicate with trained customer service representatives using sign language.

ALEXBANK's Website

ALEXBANK's website is especially designed to suit all our customers' needs to facilitate their online banking experience. The website is equipped to support customers with visual difficulties through the possibility of enlarging the font size, inverting colors and providing a web reader enabling our customers to listen to the bank products and services features and details.

Financial Inclusion & Employment

In 2019, ALEXBANK initiated and hosted the first edition of the ‘Azm Inclusive Career Space’ with the objectives of empowering and supporting people with disabilities, promoting diversity and inclusion in work environments and creating potential employment opportunities for this segment.

The event also encompassed several panels on innovative recruitment, best practices in the employment of people with disabilities, and full inclusion in the workplace through removing barriers and enhancing access to employment and education. Additionally, a number of training and developmental workshops to guide potential employers and candidates through the best practices in achieving more inclusive workplaces were hosted. 

In 2020, ALEXBANK and Helm Consulting conducted two Disability Equality Training (DET) sessions to 30 of ALEXBANK frontline employees.


In 2018, ALEXBANK and the Sawiris Foundation for Social Development (SFSD) launched “Qesetna Fi Herfetna” aiming to integrate persons with disabilities into "Ebda3 men Masr" by providing them with a quality handicrafts training program. The project was planned to build the capacity of more than 500 young men and women with motor, visual, audio or mental disabilities in four governorates and over the course of four years.

In 2021, as part of our Ebda3 men Masr initiative, and under the auspices of the Ministry of Social Solidarity, we hosted Diarna Exhibition. The guests of honor of that year’s edition were artisans with disabilities who were provided 10 dedicated pavilions to showcase their products and support their cause. Diarna 2021 hosted 370 exhibitors, impacting 10,000 families, from all around Egypt’s governorates including UNHCR refugees and artisans with disability.

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