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ALEXBANK leads the way in CSR employee engagement

Launches an internal employee contest to nominate & select the best CSR projects for implementation.

As part of its commitment to its social role, and in line with its belief in empowering decisions at all levels of the organization, ALEXBANK (a bank of Intesa Sanpaolo) has launched a unique voting competition named “CSR For My People”, to select the best CSR related ideas for the bank to implement.

This unprecedented initiative marks the first time for such an inclusive selection process for staff to be launched amongst Egyptian Banks. ALEXBANK’s 5500 employees were provided with the opportunity to draw up effective ideas to benefit the greater community and to vote on the most befitting projects.

Throughout 2012 and 2013 the “CSR For My People” competition has contributed a large number of effective activities such as providing open heart operations, equipping operating rooms, inauguration of educational centers for mentally challenged children, as well as carrying out health awareness campaigns in public schools and improving the quality of life in underdeveloped areas and slums. Roberto Vercelli, Managing Director and COO of ALEXBANK, stated “We here at ALEXABANK place Corporate Social Responsibility at the top of its business priorities, cementing our role in supporting the Egyptian community and the various socio-economic segments in Egypt. We have an unwavering confidence in our staff’s ability to guide the decision making process as concerning the bank’s social contributions and agenda within the community, as well as their ability to drive us forward through their choices.”.

The “CSR For My People” competition is gearing towards a large scale expansion in its scope during 2014, reflecting the connection between Intesa Sanpaolo’s vision for the Group and its role as an upstanding corporate citizen and the ability and moral compass of the bank’s employees across all of Egypt’s various governorates to impact and effectively enhance the communities in which they live and work. About ALEXBANK: AlexBank is one of Egypt’s leading private sector banks. Established in 1957, the bank later sold 80% of its shares to the Italian group Intesa Sanpaolo.

The IFC subsequently became a shareholder, acquiring 9.75% of the bank to Intesa Sanpaolo. AlexBank has since launched an ambitious development strategy to move in line with Intesa Sanpaolo’s innovative systems and platforms and has recently set the standard for branch design, IT infrastructure, services and a portfolio of financial services. With a country wide network of 180 branches and over 1.5 million customers, AlexBank represents Egypt’s largest private sector bank in terms of branch network and one of the largest in terms of deposits with an 8% market share.

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