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As a part of ALEXBANK’s 2014 strategy to take the lead in the banking sector

Building on the numerous achievements of the bank in 2013, ALEXBANK enters 2014 with a macro goal to launch widespread Human Resource Development programs to further strengthen its leading position in the Egyptian banking sector. The bank’s strategy is aimed at elevating the capacity of its human capital to more efficiently deal with the rapidly changing business environment, by improving the utilization of existing human resources, providing training to enable staff to provide the highest level of customer service.

ALEXBANK’s human resource plan aims to reassign experienced employees with a lengthy tenure into new roles that require direct customer engagement. The new roles will have a renewed focus on driving revenue growth as well as enhancing the customer service proposition.

Roberto Vercelli, Managing Director and COO of ALEXBANK, stated, “We believe that the key to our success lies in the trust, commitment, teamwork and the positive attitude that are characteristic of our employees. Within this framework we are working on a professional development program to provide our customers with the best possible service. We here at ALEXBANK understand that this is only achievable by providing the best training, development and direct support to our employees via a dedicated team in AlexBank”

He added, “Parallel to our professional development programs, the bank has introduced a Voluntary Early Retirement Program, due to several requests from staff to provide a solution for those in need of it for better managing their personal and family lives.”

Since May 2012, ALEXBANK has focused on initiatives that aim to best optimize its staff, with crucial projects such as the Network Model Improvement at the forefront. So far, Branch development training has benefited approximately 2,500 individuals across eight central geographic regions all over Egypt. This year long program included sales, customer service and change management training.

Following the success of the pilot phase in the branches network, the development concept was implemented at the Head Office level to overcome challenges by redirecting talent to more specialized commercial or technical roles. The project has also worked to gradually decrease clerical and generic supporting functions within the head office and across the branch network. Until now, out of 765 support staff, 124 have completed their training. In addition, over 80 employees been transferred to business oriented positions such as cash management, tellers, microfinance officers and non-cash officers. There is currently 36 other employees undergoing training.

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