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ALEXBANK provides business and soft skills training to Five Egyptian graduates

ALEXBANK provides business and soft skills training to Five Egyptian graduates in a unique train-the-trainer program to boost the SME sector in cooperation with the Ministry of Trade and Industry and

Cairo – Oct.19th, 2015 – Five Egyptian graduate students, selected amongst 150 candidates chosen from the Faculties of Economics and Commerce from Pharos University in Alexandria, have attended a training program in Italy, entailing intensive business, marketing and financial skills development, in the framework of the activation of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed last year between AlexBank, University of Naples and the Egyptian Ministry of Trade and Industry.

The training is part of a broader program which will see the participants conducting a unique knowledge transfer program upon their return to Egypt, through a series of workshops dedicated to qualified SMEs business owners and managers, as part of the bank’s program aiming to promote SMEs’ financial knowledge enhancement to the benefit of a better and more conducive relation between small enterprises and the Bank.

The successful Italian experience in the SMEs sector analyzed during the course, adapted to the Egyptian actuality under the supervision of Alexbank's experts, will be transferred to SMEs of all Egyptian governorates, by the Egyptian graduates who participated in the program.

Dante Campioni, ALEXBANK CEO and Managing Director, stated, “This initiative is a further confirmation that AlexBank strongly committed to support SMEs, showing in particular the bank’s wish to pave the way for a stronger, more transparent and more conducive dialogue with the small enterprises. We believe that this is extremely important as it can improve the relations capabilities between the bank and the SMEs also to the advantage of their access to credit. And this is crucial, as it can speed up the enterprises’ growth chances, to their and to the overall Egyptian economy benefit".

He added, “We are thankful to the Ministry of Trade and Industry and the University of Naples for partnering with us in this initiative, that is innovative and I believe able to produce very positive and durable effects”. 

The three year agreement aims at providing over 40 workshops during the agreement period and creating over 1,000 training opportunities to both Small and Medium enterprise owners & employees at various levels. 

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