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ALEXBANK launches the NEW SME TOOLKIT with revamped contents, look and feel, to support the Egyptian SMEs in their path to success

In collaboration with The International Finance Corporation (IFC) The new dedicated website features business management tools, business planning tutorials and online knowledge, to help SMEs to better

Cairo, May 15th -2016- ALEXBANK has recently launched a revamped version of the "SME Toolkit Egypt" website in Arabic and English, developed in collaboration with the International Finance Corporation (IFC), as part of the bank's strategic goal to empower SMEs via dedicated non-financial services and to set a benchmark for advisory, financial inclusion and literacy in the enterprise field.

Bassel Rahmy - Chief of Retail and SME Banking Group at ALEXBANK stated “the “SME Toolkit Egypt”, full of tips and knowledge curated by ALEXBANK“, is aimed at supporting the needs of SMEs at whatever stage of their lifecycle they may be. The Toolkit Egypt, born thanks to the strong cooperation maintained with the IFC, was licensed by ALEXBANK out of its belief in the importance of championing in Egypt the cause of entrepreneurship, pushing on financial inclusion and literacy and also educating and empowering the local businesses by leveraging on the power of modern technology. With a wealth of easy-to access categorized contents, we believe that both existing and aspiring entrepreneurs can see this as their go to reference for most of what matter in their business.”

The SME Toolkit features interactive tools, templates to formulate business plans, with over 5,000 business forms. The site also features dedicated sections on accounting & finance, HR, legal, insurance, marketing & sales, operations, feasibility studies to start projects, the latest marketing and e-commerce tutorials. All sections of the site are for the time being open to all the public and free-of-charge.

Content on the site is being updated  on a monthly basis, and local content is already being integrated with the inclusion of tutorials on the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE)’s program for SME 5% subsidized finance as well as an FX Guidebook, to enable entrepreneurs to fully understand the latest foreign currency regulations and public support to their business.

The site is accessible via ALEXBANK's official website or directly via www.alexbank.smetoolkit.org. The latest version is available also in web and smart phone friendly versions, in both English and Arabic.  

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