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Hassan Ghanem Head of Corporate, Investment Banking and Medium Enterprises, Appointed as Executive Board Member of ALEXBANK Sherif Lokman Appointed as Head of Retail Banking and Small Business

Cairo – March 12th 2017 –ALEXBANK announces the appointment of Hassan Ghanem as Executive Board Member and Sherif Lokman as Head of Retail and Small Business.

Hassan Ghanem, who recently extended his responsibilities also to include the Medium Enterprises, enjoys extensive banking expertise spanning over more than 30 years, during which he has held numerous key positions within several banks, either local or international.

Sherif Lokman has been appointed as Head of Retail Banking and Small Business, extending his responsibilities also over the vital segment of Small Enterprises. He is a veteran banker who joined ALEXBANK in June 2010, after a long-standing banking experience in retail banking across domestic and international banks.

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