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Dante Campioni: “Our aim is to grow the level of expected service and trust of SMEs and Entrepreneurs towards the banking sector, by providing them with innovative solutions backed by the latest techn

Cairo, February 21st, 2017: ALEXBANK announced today the launch of its new Business Passport, a fully-fledged proposition of Value Added Services (VAS) specifically customized to empower the Egyptian Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) towards their growth. The Business Passport offers them essential tools and services to support the growth and modernization of their business and to facilitate their work flow by making them more efficient, proficient and successful in their activities.

“We are extremely happy for the launch of our new ALEXBANK Business Passport, which we designed to support and empower Egyptian enterprises. We are very excited to take on the additional role of facilitator, providing access to solutions beyond simply finance for a wide range of enterprises’ needs. We want to accompany the Enterprises, especially SMEs and SBs, to accelerate their efficiency and growth by facilitating their access to technology and professional services. Our aim is to grow the level of trust of SMEs and Entrepreneurs towards the banking sector, by promoting us as a true partner for their businesses aiming to support them not only financially, but also with technical advisory and access to innovative solutions backed by the latest technology” said Dante Campioni - Managing Director and CEO of ALEXBANK.

 The ALEXBANK BUSINESS PASSPORT proposition aims at providing customers with a bundle of non-financial value added services encompassing a multiple wide array of solutions including Offers, Special offers on the business telecom bundles and Website Builder, Managed Services, an advanced online Financial Education platform and support to Entrepreneurial Associations.

  • Participating SME customers will enjoy access to:

  • The ALEXBANK SME BUSINESS PASSPORT discount booklet with a selection of more than 30 offers granting discounts up to EGP 30,000 as part of their welcome pack, ranging from catering, travel, hotel, printing and electronics.

  • Etisalat Misr provides ALEXBANK's clients with state of the art enterprise solutions and technological products in addition to special offers for voice and business solutions to aid them in running their businesses more efficiently.

  • Bookkeeping and financial reporting services in addition to monthly payroll processing services  including  monthly social insurance and tax  calculations, provided by BDO ESNAD at unbeatable discounted rates.

  • An online Website Builder that allows customers to create their own company website for free or at an extremely low cost, working totally on their own or through the guided professional assistance of LINK Development. Customers will be able to select industry specific templates available in both Arabic and English. The Website Builder will be accessible via the ALEXBANK Business Passport website www.alexbankpassport.com

  • Access to the   SME toolkit web platform offering a wide range of value added articles, tips, online training courses on business basics, as well as business writing, accounting & finance, human resources, sales and marketing, operations, and technology tutorials helping entrepreneurs to learn and implement sustainable business management practices.

With the launch of the Passport, ALEXBANK aims to strengthen also its strategic alliance with key business associations, such as the Egyptian Junior Business Association (EJB), providing them access to numerous networking opportunities, business missions and workshops.

 ALEXBANK’s Business Passport is available to all current and new ALEXBANK customers holding a business account and can be viewed on www.alexbankpassport.com

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