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ALEXBANK and Sawiris Foundation for Social Development(SFSD) celebrate their second Annual Homeless Children Iftar

ALEXBANK and Sawiris Foundation for Social Development(SFSD) celebrate their second Annual Homeless Children Iftar by entering into aplurennial cooperation agreement worth EGP 50 million.

Cairo, May 2018: For the second consecutive year, ALEXBANK & Sawiris Foundation for Social Development (SFSD) held their annual Iftar event dedicated to homeless children, organized in cooperation with Samu-social International Egypte. The event took place at the Al-Horreya Park in Zamalek and hosted joyful and lively entertainment activities for 800 children.

The event was organized under the auspices of the Ministry of Social Solidarity, and was attended by Dr. Nevine El Kabbaj the Deputy Minister of Social Solidarity, Mr. Dante Campioni - Managing Director & CEO of ALEXBANK, Eng. Noura Selim - Executive Director of Sawiris Foundation for Social Development, Ms. Laila Hosni - Head of CSR & Sustainable Development at ALEXBANK, who welcomed several representatives of public and private NGOs and guests.

On the sidelines of the celebration, ALEXBANK and the Sawiris Foundation signed a cooperation protocol worth 50 million Egyptian pounds, to be contributed equally. The protocol aims to increase support to marginalized children in Egypt in the fields of health, education and the improvement of their living conditions, in addition to providing safe housing opportunities, especially for children with special needs. The cooperation extends over a period of 5 years and will be based on the collaboration with NGOs and the relevant authorities.

Dr. Nevine El Kabbaj, Deputy Minister of Social Solidarity stated “Today’s celebration tackles one of the most pressing issues we face today and that is providing life enhancement opportunities to homeless and marginalized children. Both the public and private sectors bear a great responsibility in supporting homeless children and aiding them in transforming them into a productive national resource and potential economic power that will raise Egypt’s position in the future. We at the Ministry of Social Solidarity are very pleased and proud of the cooperation with ALEXBANK and Sawiris Foundation as they are considered role models for the private sector and NGOs contribution in providing solutions by shifting the perspective of interacting with these children and affirm them as active members of the society.

Dante Campioni, Managing Director & CEO of ALEXBANK stated "We are glad to consolidate our cooperation with the Sawiris Foundation through another significant initiative, which will add further scope to our successful partnerships already in place in the field of social development. We are also extremely grateful for the support and inspiration that H.E. Dr. Ghada Wali and the Ministry of Social Solidarity keep providing us. The scope of this new cooperation agreement is to define and implement specific initiatives within a long term framework aiming at improving the living conditions of homeless children and satisfy their needs of education and formation, to allow them to affirm themselves as resources for the Country, fully contributing to Egypt’s future".

In this context, Laila Hosni, Head of CSR and Sustainable Development at ALEXBANK said "We aim through this celebration to draw a smile on the faces of homeless children, especially those with special needs. We made sure that all the preparations comply with their needs and conditions to enjoy the ceremony and its manifold activities. The cooperation with SFSD is a part of ALEXBANK’s plan to support the achievement of sustainable development in Egypt, giving also attention to principles falling in line with Egypt's vision for 2018 as the "Year of People with Disability”.

On her part, Noura Selim, Executive Director of Sawiris Foundation for Social Development stated: "We are delighted and proud of this strong partnership with ALEXBANK that reflects a unique model of cooperation based on the exchange of experiences and best practices in the field of development. In less than two years, we have been able to expand our co-funding from EGP 4 million to EGP 50 million, addressing the most pressing issues such as poverty reduction, economic empowerment, and supporting homeless children. Today, through this new initiative with ALEXBANK, we reaffirm our promise and commitment to provide all means of support and protection to homeless children and to empower them by realizing their right to play, education, personal growth and development.”

The initiative’s ultimate goal is to improve the living conditions of marginalized children in Egypt, by providing the needed support in the fields of safe shelter, health, education, proper nutrition, in addition to treatments & medications, counseling and professional training to enable their future access to appropriate jobs. Other than directly securing the children's immediate, medium and long-term needs, the objectives of this initiative extend to also develop the capabilities’ of non-governmental organizations operating in this field.

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