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Taking part to Intesa Sanpaolo Group's Global Initiative ALEXBANK Participates in the World Savings Day

For the second consecutive year, ALEXBANK proves its commitment to the communities affirming its long-standing strategy of promoting and endorsing Financial Inclusion and literacy by participating in the World Savings Day in alignment with Intesa Sanpaolo Group’s global initiative.

ALEXBANK celebrates this day through a financial awareness workshop dedicated to children aged 8-10 years, organized in collaboration with “Educate Me” an NGO that runs a workshop on financial literacy for students enrolled in their community school. The event is structured around a board game that was uniquely developed by ALEXBANK for Egyptian children to enshrine principles of prioritizing financial needs while balancing the help of those in need. The game induces children to make well thought out decisions when it comes to spend for belongings they want, save to attain things they love and donate money to help people in need. The workshop will be administered in a school sponsored by ‘’Educate Me’’ a strategic partner of the CSR and Sustainable Development Office at ALEXBANK.

Dante Campioni, Managing Director & CEO of ALEXBANK stated: “In accordance to the World Savings Day that was established in Milan in 1924, ALEXBANK promotes this year a unique workshop specifically carried out to suit Egyptian children, aimed at developing their consciousness on the importance of savings and of proper spending decisions, by disseminating basic elements of financial literacy. This, in line with Intesa Sanpaolo Group’s social commitment and with the Egyptian Authorities’ objective to promote financial literacy and inclusion.  

“Once again ALEXBANK is proving its commitment to raise financial awareness through its participation in the World Savings Day. Our approach includes the coverage of remote areas to spread awareness and knowledge about financial themes and to promote a unified and proper saving culture, while paying special attention to children, vital part of society projected to the future,” added Laila Hosni - Head of CSR & Sustainable Development at ALEXBANK.

The other part of the workshop will incorporate a storyline that explains the history of money, starting from the barter system to the current banking system. Using a comprehensive financial inclusion approach, ALEXBANK aims to educate the coming generation about the value of sharing, spending and saving money in a sensible and rational manner. By challenging their minds to think rationally about financial habits, we intend to build a generation that prioritizes its needs and instil in them the notion of helping others.

It’s worth mentioning that during the world savings day of 2017, ALEXBANK managed to reach approximately 2,000 women and children through its first participation in the World Savings Day Initiative by holding awareness workshops and releasing “My Pocket Money”, an educational books for children distributed in the underprivileged areas of “Manshiyat Naser” and “El Talbeya” in Cairo, the village of “Om Shelbaya” in Edfu of Aswan

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