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ALEXBANK Results December 31st 2017

Net profit: EGP 2,783 Mln (+83.8% YoY)

Net Interest Income: EGP 4,862 Mln (+46% YoY)

Net Operating Margin (NOM): EGP 5,424 Mln (+44.1% YoY)

Performing loans: EGP 33.4 Bln (+7.8% YoY)

Customers’ Deposits: EGP 63.5 Bln (+23.1% YoY)

Capital Adequacy Ratio: 18.88%

Cairo, 6 March 2018: ALEXBANK financial results recorded new milestones in 2017, proving the validity of its business model shaped to support at its best the growth of the Egyptian economy by offering full-fledged financial and consulting services, in addition to multiple banking innovative solutions for all the different customers’ segments.

In 2017 the bank recorded a net profit of EGP 2,783 Mln exceeding its 2016 results by 83.8%, while net profit before taxes at EGP 3,665 Mln achieved a growth of 96.1%. This improvement reflects a notable enhancement in the performance in all business segments, from Micro-Finance, through Retail, Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs), till Corporate & Investment Banking, achieving a significant assets growth particularly in Microfinance and SMEs while significantly expanding its customer deposit base.

Top Highlights of ALEXBANK’s Financial Results for the year 2017:

  • Net profit increased by 83.8% (YoY) to reach EGP 2,783 Mln.

  • Net Profit before tax grew by 96.1% (YoY) to reach EGP 3,665 Mln.

  • Net Operating Margin (NOM) increased YoY by 44.1% to reach EGP 5,424 Mln. reflecting a solid growth of “core banking income” with net interest income increased by 46% to reach EGP 4,862 Mln. and net fees and commission income growing to EGP 563 Mln (+29.1% YoY).

  • Total performing loans YoY grew by 7.8% to reach EGP 33.4 Bln, of which Medium Enterprises grew YoY by 17.6%, Small Business by 137.5% and Micro-Finance by 59%.

  • The NPL ratio decreased by 2.12% to 4.11% of total loans in 2017.

  • Tax expenses increased by 148.7% (YoY) to reach EGP 883 Mln.

  • Total Assets recorded EGP 77.7 Bln, increasing by 23.7% YoY.

  • Customers’ deposits reached EGP 63.5 Bln growing by 23.1% YoY.

  • Loans/Deposits ratio decreased to 50.6%, compared to 58.1% at the end of 2016.

  • Capital Adequacy Ratio improved to 18.88% in 2017 compared to 12.45% in 2016, which indicates a substantial capital buffer able to support the bank’s growth plans

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