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Donation of €100 million to Italian Civil Protection for Coronavirus emergency

Intesa Sanpaolo has signed a Protocol of Collaboration with the Department of Civil Protection and with the Extraordinary Commissioner for the Coronavirus Emergency, to administer Intesa Sanpaolo’s donation of €100 million to help contain and fight the COVID-19 virus. Intesa Sanpaolo’s direct support aims to significantly strengthen the National Healthcare System’s response to today’s emergency as well as those of the future. Adding 2,500 new intensive care beds is one of the first planned interventions.

“Italy must rapidly and significantly strengthen medical facilities throughout the country to face this sudden and unprecedented health emergency. Putting our financial strength to work and supporting this need is the reason for Intesa Sanpaolo’s donation of €100 million. This has always been our vocation: to be an element of strength for the communities of which we are part and for the whole of Italy. The current challenge is an opportunity for our country to bring out the best in itself; the response of our doctors, nurses and health workers is applauded by international authorities and needs our support. I am certain that, once we are beyond this emergency, Italy will relaunch with new energy and a greater awareness of the role it can play on a global level” said Carlo Messina, CEO of Intesa Sanpaolo.

The €100 million donation may also be used for other essential interventions, including increasing the number of sub-intensive care beds, acquiring essential medical equipment and supplies, and preparing new emergency health care structures, including temporary ones.

The Protocol provides that each payment of the donation be made directly to a Department of Civil Protection current account dedicated exclusively to the collection and use of Intesa Sanpaolo’s donations. Intesa Sanpaolo, the Extraordinary Commissioner and the Department of Civil Protection will jointly agree on specific interventions.

The Department of Civil Protection and the Extraordinary Commissioner will provide timely reporting to Intesa Sanpaolo, which will retain the right to verify how the sums are used.


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