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ALEXBANK discusses Medical financial solutions

In its fifth edition of the “ALEXBANK Connect” series, ALEXBANK held a webinar on the 26th of May titled "Fostering SMEs’ Growth: Medical Industry Lending", to discuss tailored financing solutions for the Egyptian medical sector. This was held in partnership with Siemens Healthineers, MediTech and Vezeeta. Through the webinar, ALEXBANK and partners showcased the full inclusive financing programs curated for Doctors, Pharmacists & Healthcare Facilities, in order to better serve the Bank’s clients in all aspects.

Among the webinar speakers, were Dr. Ehab Heikal, President of the Egyptian Dental Syndicate, Mr. Sherif Lokman Head of Retail and SMEs Division at ALEXBANK, Mr. Hossam Abdelaal Head of SME’s Department at ALEXBANK, along with Dr. Hatem El Ghazzawi Chairman and Managing Director of MediTech, in addition to a team from Siemens Healthineers: Mr. Asser El Zorba Chief Financial Officer, Ms. Mai Eissa Country Treasurer, together with Eng. Tarek El Sheik Head of Sales.
In this context, Mr. Sherif Lokman stated: “The medical services sector, likewise many others, is witnessing a huge innovation, with the emergence of countless newly founded medical enterprises aiming at providing high-quality services in innovative ways. We constantly strive to serve doctors and medical institutions through our SMEs offices across our branch Network, seeking to offer them the best and fastest services and solutions.”
Lokman also added: "We, at ALEXBANK, are keen to support the medical sector, especially amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Even before the pandemic, ALEXBANK provided financing opportunities and advisory services for its clients in the medical sector, and this is exactly what we aim to keep doing through our strategic alliances with the partners joining our today’s webinar and others, based on our continuous endeavors to support Egypt’s SMEs at large, implementing our strategy that is fully aligned to the national priorities.”

Dr. Ehab Heikal, President of the Egyptian Dental Syndicate stated: “The medical sector is going through major transformation, resulting in an increase of dependence on diagnostic and therapeutic devices.  Also, with the constantly increasing prices of these devices and the difficulty of accessing them despite their economic viability, partnerships with banks have become essential to complete the 3 sides of the triangle represented by: Doctors, Suppliers and Banks. Hence, such webinars like ALEXBANK’s one and discussions, are vital to raise doctors’ awareness on dedicated funding programs designed especially for them”.

Dr. Hatem El Ghazzawi, Chairman and Managing Director of MediTech, “In light of the recent transformation and developments in Egypt, the dental sector is witnessing a great enhancement when it comes to dental centers and clinics’ equipment, all utilizing the latest devices and most advanced technology which require dedicated financing programs”. Dr. Hatem added that after in-depth market studies, both entities agreed at facilitating financing procedures for obtaining the most advanced devices for dentists, radiology centers and specialized dental laboratories”.
From Siemens Healthineers’ side, Eng. Tarek El Sheik, Head of Sales, has accentuated his company's efforts in providing the latest health care technologies in the world at affordable rates, in the hope of catering to the hospitals and laboratories’ needs to assist them in their efforts against various types of diseases including cancer, heart and brain diseases and Coronavirus, in addition to helping doctors with accurate and swift diagnostics. 

Moreover, Mr. Asser El Zorba, Chief Financial Officer expressed Siemens Healthineers’ fulfilment/achievement in joining hands with ALEXBANK to provide the latest and most innovative financing programs capable to enable medical facilities and centers to expand, as well as acquire state-of-the-art and more efficient medical solutions. He further explicated that this step will, in turn, contribute to an outright modernization of Egypt’s medical system and provide the best possible health care for patients.
The webinar also shed light on one of the success stories from a doctor who benefited from the bank’s financing program, and highlighted opportunities that could be wielded to develop the medical services sector, whilst supporting the establishment of small and medium medical enterprises that offer high quality innovative services. The discussion finally highlighted ALEXBANK’s intentions to expand and offer diverse services through partnerships, emphasizing the importance of financing programs to Doctors, Pharmacists & Healthcare Facilities operating in the medical and health care sector in Egypt.

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