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ALEXBANK Launches a New Communication Strategy

Designed and Developed for all 11 International Subsidiary Banks of Intesa Sanpaolo “ For All That Counts”

ALEXBANK launches a new communication strategy, designed and developed for all 11 International Subsidiary Banks of Intesa Sanpaolo

ALEXBANK launches its new communication strategy, designed and developed for all 11 International Subsidiary Banks of Intesa Sanpaolo, the leading banking group in Europe.

The new strategy reflects Intesa Sanpaolo Group's response to the significant changes the world is experiencing due to the pandemic while moving into the New Normal phase.

Based on available surveys, it emerged that fear sparked by the health care crisis led 74% of people to view the future with pessimism or extreme concern. The moods and situations they have experienced have changed perspectives and perceptions of everyday life. 59% of people put health at the top of the new scale of priorities, but family (45%), psychological wellbeing (43%) and a proper work-life balance (40%) are also being rediscovered and considered fundamental values.

Following a deep analysis of the significant changes that the Covid pandemic has caused in people's behaviors, needs and expectations also in Egypt, ALEXBANK has defined its strategy intending to keep focusing more and more on what really matters today in the lives of people, companies and the country.

It did so by participating in an ambitious creative project carried out with a "bottom-up" process together with all the International Subsidiary Banks of Intesa Sanpaolo group and their respective communication agencies, important local realities and renowned agencies from major international groups, including Publicis Italia - awarded the second-best agency in the world at Cannes Lions 2021.

Over 70 professionals from 12 countries with different cultures, religions and languages have collaborated in 4 Design Sprints with the aim of defining a single creative strategy that is flexible and transferrable to the specifics of the individual countries in which the group operates.

The new communication strategy is embodied in the pay-off "For All That Counts", that Wunderman Thompson Cairo has devised to describe the bank's desire to be at people's sides at all times in their lives, helping them to achieve every single goal, big or small and to protect or preserve what really counts.

The pay-off also supports the new integrated campaign "Joyful Dilemma", which reflects how life can often put people in front of complex decisions, but that thanks to the support offered by the Bank, customers will have the opportunity to easily take decisions fulfilling their wishes, as ALEXBANK will ensure customers enjoying tailored services for their every need, every goal and most importantly “For All That Counts”.

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