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In Celebration of World Saving Day

Under the Auspices of the CBE
ALEXBANK Launches The Digital Version of "Hady Bady", a Game to Raise Financial Awareness Among Children

ALEXBANK launches the digital application of “Hady Bady”, a financial literacy game released in 2018 in its physical version, which aims to educate children on basic financial concepts, including saving, spending, and donating. The application is the first digital educational game designed and powered by an Egyptian bank, which comes along with the CBE’s financial education and inclusion strategic directions. Additionally, “Hady Bady” can be considered one of the first digital financial literacy games in the world to be availed both in Arabic and in English, giving children across the MENA region the chance to play this game in their native language.

By entering the magical world of “Hady Bady”, full of storybook characters, children will be taught to save by visiting Hafiza’s shop and help to improve their community while supporting the less fortunate by visiting Karam’s sharing shop; Tharwat will teach them to buy the things they love and use them to decorate their rooms, all while staying within their budgets.

"Educating youth to manage their various life matters at an early age, is one of the most important factors capable to determine a positive impact on the lives of individuals. When the early education concerns financial matters, this can directly impact on future productive societies and prospect states’ economies. Hence the importance of financial education for members of the society, by introducing them as early as possible to the most important financial concepts related to their daily lives, such as saving, investing, financing, entrepreneurship, and other important concepts. Therefore, the Central Bank of Egypt always works to encourage the banking sector to provide financial education activities, including for children, their future customers. It also supports carrying out these activities in an interactive manner while linking them to actual practice to ensure a lasting educational impact on the minds of young individuals.” said Mr. Khaled Bassiouny, Financial Inclusion Department General Manager, Central Bank of Egypt.

Following ALEXBANK’s tradition and commitment towards supporting young homegrown talents, the bank collaborated both with the social designer “Mirna Noaman”, a pioneer in the field of educational games turning her graduation project into an actual board game, and then with one of the most talented and expert Egyptian game production companies - “Nibla Games Studio LLC.” - to develop and produce a state-of-the-art mobile application that conceptually digitalized the board game’s journey in a fun and a friendly way.

"ALEXBANK first launched “Hady Bady” in 2018 with the aim to develop a game for children that embed the purpose of enshrining principles of financial decisions’ prioritization, while teaching on the importance to supporting others as well in less fortunate financial conditions. Through on-ground and virtual rollouts of the board game, the bank successfully reached thousands of children in schools, shelters, NGOs centers, and institutes for children with disabilities in 16 of Egypt’s governorates, contributing to raise the children’s financial awareness as part of their preparation to become members of a better and more sustainable society,” added Laila Hosny Head of CSR & Sustainable Development at ALEXBANK.

Fully aligned with Intesa Sanpaolo Group’s Museum of Saving in Turin, Italy, ALEXBANK’s efforts do not only fulfill its goal of raising financial literacy but with having developed digitally this game in a form of application, this testimony also shows its commitment to promote the digitalization of financial practices and concepts ideas.

Mrs. Giovanna Paladino, Director and Curator of the Museum of Saving stated: “Digital tools are a powerful way of teaching kids, especially when it comes to financial education. Our experience at the Museum of Saving is so positive that we cherish the arrival of a brand new application developed by ALEXBANK. Hady Bady will train children to make informed decisions and will teach them the basic concepts related to personal money management, contributing to the development of financially-aware future generations.”

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