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As ALEXBANK’s four-year CSR & Sustainable Development Office Strategy (2018-2021) is coming to an end, ALEXBANK is aspiring to strengthen its sustainability positioning through a more comprehensive and transformative approach from CSR to ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) in a way that contributes to the Bank’s long term successful performance and fostering its ability to meet the responsibility and commitments towards all stakeholders. The new ESG Strategy (2022-2025) is being built on stakeholders capitalism approach and high corporate governance standards and accounts for the wide range of ESG impacts & indicators associated to the bank’s operations. Believing that the Bank has a duty to actively support the progress of the country and its population, the strategy represents the foundation of the Bank’s mission and values as one of the leading private sector banks in Egypt.

Aligned with Egypt Vision 2030, ALEXBANK’s Code of Ethics, UN Global Compact Principles, Equator Principles, Principles for Responsible Banking, Principles of Human Rights, and United Nation’s SDGs, ALEXBANK’s new ESG strategy aims to achieve ISP’s goals in being a responsible financial intermediary in the face of global challenges including mitigating climate change and reducing harmful environmental impact, empowering marginalized communities, informal sector inclusion, ensuring gender equity, and working towards more accountability through transparent reporting. 


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