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Environmental Stewardship

Environmental Stewardship...


Khatwa Khadra Environmental Game

In alignment with Intesa Sanpaolo Group’s celebrations for World Environment Day, in June 2021, ALEXBANK launched Khatwa Khadra, the first environmental awareness game of its kind across corporates and institutions dedicated to 8+ years old children.

Khatwa Khadra focuses on educating children on the consequences of harmful daily life habits towards the environment and raises awareness on the positive decisions we can make to reduce our carbon footprint.

Khatwa Khadra was launched at the premises of Association for the Protection of the Environment (APE) for 50 children in the area of Manshiyet Nasser, a community focused on garbage collection and waste management.

In September 2021, we played the game with 500 underprivileged children of our impact partners, Tawasol Community School, Kheir w Baraka Foundation, APE, Ana El Masry, and Educate Me. And as the academic year commenced during October, we scaled up Khatwa Khadra to reach 2,000 students of 6 Egyptian public schools.

Throughout this, the game continues to pursue a larger roll-out.

Waste Upcycling Training

In Light of COP27, ALEXBANK and The United Nations World Food Programme launched “The Agricultural Waste Upcycling Project “through ALEXBANK’s flagship initiative "Ebda3 Men Masr".

Through this collaboration, women in Upper Egypt have acquired the knowledge and skills to transform agricultural waste to upcycled products. These products are introduced to local and global new market windows creating new value chains for achieving food security through improved green economies and innovative resource mobilization. The project complements Egypt's efforts in achieving financial inclusion through women employment and public private partnerships.

Nature Conservation Egypt (NCE)

Nature Conservation Egypt (NCE) works on Biodiversity and Natural Heritage Preservation in Egypt. NCE is an Egyptian NGO working towards the conservation of Egypt’s natural heritage and the promotion of its sustainable use, for the benefit of present and future generations. Established in 2005 by a number of Egypt’s leading experts in the field of nature and biodiversity conservation, NCE is specialized in scientific research, advocacy, education and outreach to support species, their habitats, and local communities.

Aligned with our parent company Intesa San Paolo's international earth day campaign for 2022 #withearth, ALEXBANK collaborated with a local NGO under the name of Natural Conservation Egypt (NCE) in a project that aims to protect the biodiversity and the natural heritage. The project: "Galala Raport Count Center" aims to establish a permanent raptor count and research station in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment and Galala University.


World Environment Day...


Employee Volunteer Day

On occasion of WED, ALEXBANK partnered with VeryNile NGO for a volunteer day for employees and their families to visit Qursaya Island, whereas several environmental activities were organized such as collecting waste from the Nile, participating in upcycling workshops, visiting waste recycling stations and learning about the process of recycling, upcycling and the importance of circularity.

On the sidelines, and for the purpose of Inclusion, employees’ children played with Qursaya’s community children ALEXBANK’s Environmental Awareness Game “Khatwa Khadra”, learning basic facts about carbon footprint and climate action.

Screensavers for Employees

ALEXBANK deployed screensaver content that is directed towards educating employees on environmental matters. Popup messages are displayed on employees’ laptops to raise awareness on matters such as rationalizing natural resources consumption (i.e. electricity, paper) by performing simple workplace eco-friendly practices.

ATMs Screens

In light of 2022 World Environment Day themed “Only One Earth”, all ALEXBANK ATMs featured screensavers addressing users to consider the Three Rs approach (Reduce, Reuse & Recycle) in all their actions.

ATMs No Print Receipts

ALEXBANK deployed a message to “Take a Green Step” when opting for not printing the transaction receipt whenever possible, highlighting the positive environmental impact for users to make a conscious decision.

ALEXBANK's Sustainable Operations...


Recycling old ATMs enclosures

As ATMs enclosures are constantly changing and being renewed, ALEXBANK has arranged for the enclosures of the ATMs’ to be recycled, in an effort to encourage sustainable operations, in order to pose less pressure on the environment's natural resources and ultimately reduce emissions related to our operations.

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