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In constant keenness to promote social and sustainable welfare in Egypt, as well as the concept of Creating Shared Value, ALEXBANK takes a leading role in hosting and organizing national and regional events to create synergies within our community.

L’Artigiano in Fiera

In 2018, we embarked on our first international experience, supporting the Egyptian pavilion of 26 exhibitors selling different crafts in one of the biggest and most known trade fairs in Europe: L’Artigiano in Fiera in Milan, Italy. For the second year in a row, ALEXBANK supported L’Artigiano in Fiera exhibition taking place from November 30th until December 8th 2019 . The world-renowned exhibition is a celebration of the art being produced around the world and affords artists with a unique opportunity to showcase their work on an international scale. This year, the exhibition welcomed 1.3 million visitors to explore the works of artists from over 100 countries. 50 Egyptian artists were selected to take part in L’Artigiano In Fiera with designated Egyptian pavilion of 500 square meters.
The opening ceremony for the entire exhibition took place inside the Egyptian pavilion. Notably present, H.E. Egypt’s Ambassador in Italy Hisham Badr, Ehab Abou Seree the General Consul of Milan, Former Head of Intesa Sanpaolo’s International Subsidiary Bank’s Division’s Paola Angeletti. During the 9 days of the exhibition, Egyptian artisans made a revenue equivalent to over 1.7 million Egyptian Pounds.

Diarna Exhibition

For the second year in a row, ALEXBANK was the strategic partner of the Ministry of Social Solidarity for Diarna Exhibition. Diarna took place between Dec 27 and January 26; the Guests of Honor were Fayoum Governorate and People with Disabilities. The exhibition featured 350 artisans from all across Egypt and recorded sales of more than nine million Egyptian pounds. 

Qesetna fi Herfetna Christmas Bazaar

ALEXBANK and the Sawiris Foundation for Social Development (SFSD) launched “Qesetna Fi Herfetna” aiming to integrate persons with disabilities into “Ebda3 men Masr” by providing them with a quality handicrafts training program. The project is planned to build the capacity of more than 500 young men and women with motor, visual, audio or mental disabilities in four governorates and over the course of four years. To achieve real inclusion, target beneficiaries will join their non-disabled peers in trainings to psychologically prepare all participants for dealing with disabilities in the labor market as well as raise awareness comprehensive integration among their families.

On December 13th and 14th 2019, Qesetna Fi Herfetna Had a Christmas Bazaar aiming at providing Clients with quality handmade products made by PwDs to support their economic inclusion as well as celebrate the festive time that is Christmas. There was a total of 40 Exhibitors from all over Egypt promoting their talents and skills with increased exposure, marketing and sales opportunities, in addition to different activations and one khayameya workshop suited for persons with disabilities and beyond.

CBE FI Circular Celebrations

In line with Egypt 2030 strategy and Intesa San Paolo’s commitment to sustainability through the development of social and environmental lending products, ALEXBANK participates in the CBE’s circular celebration of Financial Inclusion events. The aforementioned events target marginalized communities as mandated by the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE). There are six annual Financial Inclusion events: International Women’s Day Celebration (March 8th – March 31st), Arab Financial Inclusion Day Celebration (April 1st – April 30th), International Youth Day (August 1st – August 15th), Farmer’s Week Celebration (September 1st – September 15th), International Financial Inclusion Week & World Savings Day Celebration (October 15th – October 30th) and Persons with Disabilities Day Celebration (December 1st – December 15th).

For Farmer’s Week Celebration (September 1st – September 15th), in line with the CBE’s attempts towards financial inclusion and financial literacy in Egypt, ALEXBANK, in partnership with the WFP, has visited 16 communities in 5 governorates (Aswan, Luxor, Qena, Suhag and Assiut) in the span of 10 days.

Activations included financial literacy and awareness sessions for men, women, and youth where representatives of Microfinance and Financial Inclusion departments, accompanied by customer service representatives and relationship managers from the respective local branches, addressed all the beneficiaries’ questions in terms of loans, account openings, and the importance of being banked in general. The total of adults participating in the activations was 825. 644 children were also included through Hady Bady boardgame rollout.

ALEXBANK also activated Farmer’s Week offers on selected accounts and loan administrative fees. ALEXBANK also opened savings and youth accounts, as well as providing Meeza cards. The beneficiaries received a variety of gifts, including ALEXBANK branded t-shirts, hats, as well as handcrafted pouches for women and coin pottery banks for children to save money in. ALEXBANK maintains regular visits to these communities through relationship managers and customer service representatives from close branches, in which they collect loan requests, as well as handle any questions regarding loans.

On World Savings Day 2018, ALEXBANK introduced its first financial literacy game for children named “Hady Bady”. The game was rolled out nationally on the Arab Financial Inclusion Week 2018 reaching 7,500 students in public primary education schools in 7 governorates.

On World Saving Day 2019, the game was introduced to more than 10,000 students in 20 schools across five governorates.

On World Saving Day 2021, Hady Bady App was launched, under the auspices of the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE). The Hady Bady App is first digital game of its kind powered and initiated by an Egyptian Bank and developed by homegrown talent. The target group for the first version of the app is 6 to 10-year-old children. The App is now available in iOS, Android, and Huawei, in both Arabic and English. As of the first week of the App being launched, the downloads reached 385 downloads for Android, 217 downloads for iOS and 20 downloads for Huawei.

ALEXBANK also implemented on-ground activations of the Hady Bady App on the 31st of October. The first phase of this rollout that began on the 31st of October as we were reached 700 children on-ground in Cairo and Giza at 2 public schools and one community school on World Savings Day 2021. This was also the kick-off of our one-year on-ground National Rollout, beginning on World Savings Day 2021 leading up to World Savings Day 2022.

Local and International Exhibitions

Our work with the craftsmen and women in Egypt has kept us aware of the lack of accessible opportunities to participate in exhibitions despite the high quality and uniqueness of their products. Over the past 4 years, we have helped hundreds of members of the creative economy sector with free/subsidized spaces in exhibitions resulting in more than 20 million net sales to beneficiaries.

Global Policy Forum 2017

ALEXBANK participated in the 9th Global Policy Forum: Alliance for Financial Inclusion, that took place for the first time in Sharm Elsheikh, Egypt. Showcasing a true example of Financial Inclusion, an Ebda3 men Masr booth displayed unique handcrafted products for sale to conference attendees from 59 countries around the world. This is in addition to Dante Campioni’s, ALEXBANK CEO, participation in a panel about “Financial Inclusion and Economic Empowerment for Women” with Mona Thu AlFaqar, Egyptian Lawyer and Human Rights Activist and Mrs. Lobna Helal, Deputy Governor, Central Bank of Egypt.Partners: Fayoum Governorate, Tunis Village Potters Association and Alwan FoundationPartners: Takatof Association for Development

Annual heroes iftar

Celebrating an impactful partnership, ALEXBANK and the Sawiris Foundation for Social Development have undertaken an annual tradition since 2017 to organize an Annual Iftar for Marginalized Children (children with disabilities and at street condition) to draw a smiles on the faces as many children as possible. Also, usually, the event announces for a new partnership supporting the same cause.Partners: Fayoum Governorate, Tunis Village Potters Association and Alwan Foundation

The CSR annual conference

In collaboration with the Federation of, The Sawiris Found Eation for Social Development and Professional Development Foundation (PDF), ALEXBANK co-organizes the biggest and most impactful CSR conference in Egypt where 2,000 entrepreneurs and representatives of business organizations, multinationals, SMEs, universities, research centers and NGOs attend the two-day conference yearly. In order to also provide our “Ebda3 men Masr” partners with marketing and direct sales opportunities, we organize an EMM bazaar on the sidelines of the conference.

For more information about ALEXBANK’s  activities in the field of social responsibility and sustainable development or if you have queries or concerns related to the environmental and social performance of projects financed by ALEXBANK, please contact us.

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