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Financial Inclusion


We remain fully committed to promoting financial inclusion among Egyptians from marginalized communities, recognizing that this can be an accelerator for their individual and the country’s economic growth. To address financial inclusion, which tops national priorities, we are constantly developing new products leveraging digital technologies also applicable to responsible lending and micro lending solutions. We also realize the role of financial literacy and education as a gateway for inclusion.


Tamkeen is a holistic economic empowerment project that aims at promoting women and youth employability through skill enhancement trainings and financial education for self-employment. The project is complemented with a tailor-made financial product also named “Tamkeen”. In 2018, the first phase of the training was completed in Assiut for 488 selected recipients through civil associations and grass root NGOs. Eligible beneficiaries received microloans for livestock and other business activities at favorable conditions that sets Tamkeen apart from traditional microfinance products.

Partners: Sawiris Foundation for Social Development and International Labor Organization 


Financially aware children will turn out to be financially literate citizens.  Out of that belief, ALEXBANK developed “Hady Bady” – the Arabic analogous for the children’s rhyme “Eeny, meeny, miny, moe”- that introduces children to making well informed decisions to Spend, Save and Donate. The game was designed by a young team of graphic designers who were still in university at the time. "Hady Bady" is ALEXBANK’s first financial literacy game tailored for Egyptian children with the purpose of enshrining principles of prioritizing financial needs in balance with supporting others with less fortunate financial circumstances. 

Partners: Mirna Noaman, Graphic Designer


ALEXBANK’s strategic partnership with the National Council of Women is taking shape through a national program targeting the financial inclusion of marginalized women. ALEXBANK is developing a solution together with Vodafone to digitalize savings groups. The pilot phase will onboard 200 women in Beni Suef and Asyut into savings groups and train them on the new digital solution that offers them access to extra pools of cash to meet basic household needs or to invest in income-generating activities. 
Partners: Central Bank of Egypt, National Council of Women, CARE and Vodafone

Physical Accessibility & Inclusion

2018 was declared the “Year of Persons with Disabilities”. In that light, ALEXBANK partnered with Helm Consulting in order to ensure the accessibility of ALEXBANK branches to People with Disabilities (PwD), with an overarching goal of creating an inclusive environment for both our employees and customers. Overall, 23 of our branches have been made physically accessible, with plans to further expand throughout 2020. In addition, front-liners have received the Disability Equality Training (DET) given by Helm Consulting in order to further raise awareness and change attitudes towards the greater inclusion of people in mainstream operations, services and activities. 
Partners: Helm Consulting 


For more information about ALEXBANK’s  activities in the field of social responsibility and sustainable development or if you have queries or concerns related to the environmental and social performance of projects financed by ALEXBANK, please contact us.

We encourage all your suggestions and opinions.

Email: CSR@Alexbank.com

Phone No.: 202-2399200

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