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Ghalya manifests a passion for the visibility, recognition, and empowerment of all the women of our nation and how ALEXBANK has always been highly committed to driving different female-led projects and supporting different corporate and local community initiatives across Egypt that are addressed and catered to women. The initiative is supported and driven by ALEXBANK’s strategic partner in sustainable development, the National Council of Women and its national women empowerment initiative, Taa’ Marboota. Ghalya aims to create a significant positive impact on women in various fields such as education, health, entrepreneurship and creative economy.

Ghalya Initiative Launches

In celebration of International Women’s Day (March 8th) and Egyptian Women’s Day (March 16th), ALEXBANK launched “Ghalya” platform as the umbrella to all ALEXBANK’s CSR female-focused projects. The launch of Ghalya was announced during the 35th round of the Women Economic Forum (WEF), a multinational forum that enables women and leaders from all walks of life worldwide to expand their business opportunities and enhance their personal influence. Bags, giveaways and lanyards at WEF were all created by women through ALEXBANK’s partnership with Baddara Enterprise in New Valley and Dahshour as well as ElFayrouz Association and The Association for Women Development in Sinai.

Women’s Forsa Bazaar

In support of the government’s focus on empowering women in all fields as a fundamental pillar of the Egyptian society, ALEXBANK proudly partnered with the Central Bank of Egypt to organize the first external Forsa Bazaars to “Celebrate Women’s Month” under our newly-launched initiative “Ghalya”. CBE Forsa Bazaar, in its exclusively female-led version, provided a platform for CBE employees to purchase valuable and unique products supporting women artisans.


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