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Gifts with impact


All ALEXBANK gifts are sustainably and locally produced with a special focus on procurement from the bottom of the pyramid and from marginalized producers. As part of ALEXBANK’s initiative Ebda3 men Masr, we constantly aim to empower and support local artisans and start-ups. As such, our official corporate giveaways are always Egyptian-made. 

Since 2016, ALEXBANK has undertaken an annual tradition to prepare and present gifts to its partners and VIP clients with the ultimate goal of empowering local communities and talents through a laser focused economic development and value creation approach. ALEXBANK gifts tell the stories of Egyptian artisans and the heritage they guard with their hands and hearts. In the past 4 years, ALEXBANK’s Annual Corporate Giveaways Project has directly impacted the lives of 354 artisans (75% of which are women) and indirectly impacted 2000 members of their families across 8 governorates.

Ramadan Bags

ALEXBANK celebrated the coming of the Holy Month of Ramadan with a new edition of its “Gifts with Impact” initiative. This year, the yameesh (a selection of dried fruits and nuts typical of Ramadan’s customs and recipes) was packed in a remarkably unique bag called, “Ashry”, made by our very own “Ebda3 men Masr” and “Ghalya” partners, and inspired by the land of beauty and serenity as well as Egypt’s most inspiring resources. Translating into “Beauty” from the Nubian language, this beautiful bag is the result of a long collaboration between the female artisans of Baddara in Dahshour and Alwaneta, which together have empowered over 500 of the most resilient women from the villages of Aswan and Dahshur, as well as remote neighborhoods in Cairo.


For the fifth consecutive year as part of our annual corporate “Gifts of Impact” initiative, ALEXBANK was delighted to present its partners and stakeholders  “Khotoot”, a creative piece of Arabic calligraphy  that says ”Hope for the best and you shall find it.” Designed and handcrafted to combine the beauty of Arabic calligraphy’s centuries-old tradition and the freshness of a modern frame design, capable to add an aesthetic touch to offices and homes. Each piece is carefully written by one of Egypt’s best calligraphers and placed in wooden frames and colored with sheets of gold. 


For more information about ALEXBANK’s  activities in the field of social responsibility and sustainable development or if you have queries or concerns related to the environmental and social performance of projects financed by ALEXBANK, please contact us.

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