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Health and Well-being


Through this pillar, ALEXBANK plays an active role in incorporating community investments into its core business strategy. We ensure that innovation is coupled with different social purposes, including – but not limited to – education, waste management, economic empowerment, and inclusion. Accordingly, all initiatives falling under this pillar are designed to generate value to ALEXBANK and its partners, while achieving sustainable outcomes.

Banati Foundation

In partnership with the Sawiris Foundation for Social Development, ALEXBANK inaugurated and furnished Banati Foundation’s educational kitchen to teach girls the principles of cooking and principles of teamwork. Today, the kitchen is considered one of the foundation’s sources of income and hence, sustainability. It also opens job opportunities for the girls after graduating from the shelter.

ONE-DREAM (2018 – 2020)

One Dream’s mission is to improve the living conditions of communities involved in waste recycling active in Mansheyet Nasser and Tora’s informal areas. Over the period of two years, the project will target 35,000 individuals through heath care and education initiatives 
Partners: The Sawiris Foundation for Social Development (SFSD), Star Care Egypt Foundation, Shorouk Misr Foundation and the Association for the Protection of the Environment (APE) 


Aiming to raise awareness, educate parents of cancer patients and provide balanced nutrition that supports the children’s medical treatment, ALEXBANK is funding the first ever Educational Kitchen in the Health and Hope Oasis. The kitchen is planned to benefit 250 beneficiaries.

Partners: Friend of Children with Cancer

AL TAREEK (2019 – 2020)

Contributing to improving the standard of living and health care for 12,000 young men and women in Siwa, ALEXBANK joined forces with 3 esteemed partners in the field of development to support Siwa Community Development and Environment Protection Association. “Ebda3 men Masr” will also address the needs of Siwa labor market by providing different trainings in kilim, sewing, yogurt & jam manufacturing. This will help create new job opportunities for 480 youth and women in Siwa.

Partners: Sawiris Foundation for Social Development, Shorouk Misr, Ahram Beverages Company and Siwa Community Development and Environment Protection Association


Under a three-year long partnership with the Sawiris Foundation of Social Development, this project has been launched to contribute to better living standards for children in shelters and street situations through providing safe accommodations in shelters, nutrition, health care, counseling sessions, social activities, vocational training, education, infrastructure improvement and capacity building of NGOs working in the field. To date, the project has directly benefitted 25,000 children that suffered from street situations.
Partners: Banati and I The Egyptian Foundations


ALEXBANK and the Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation (MYF) signed a three-year collaboration protocol dedicated to supporting the establishment of an echocardiography room at the Global Heart Center currently under construction in Cairo, Egypt.  This is in support of fighting cardiovascular diseases which are considered the highest cause of death for non-communicable diseases, resulting in 1.5 million deaths annually across the African continent. The Cairo extension to the Global Heart Center in Aswan (AHC) will provide a three-fold increase of AHC’s current capacity; the Echocardiography room will be able to serve 12,000 patients out of 80,000 patients accommodated annually by the center. The Global Heart Center accommodates the most complex cases from Egypt as well as the Middle East and Africa. It also trains healthcare professionals from the MENA region and Africa and further integrates research and innovation in the educational process of young healthcare professionals.

Participating in the “Doing Good”

With the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, many of Egypt’s most vulnerable communities such as daily laborers are finding it extremely difficult to supply essential food supplies for them and their children. As more and more companies and organizations go on lock-down, many of these employees stay unpaid until further notice. The Egyptian Food Bank, one of Egypt’s most renowned charity organizations, launched the Tahady El Kheir/Doing Good Challenge whereby individuals and corporates challenge each other to provide as many food supplies as they can. As ALEXBANK is an integral part of Egypt’s social responsibility scene and since immediate action is extremely necessary in these distressing times, ALEXBANK will donate 10,000 boxes of emergency food supplies through the Egyptian Food Bank; alleviating the burden of hunger and ensuring that these 10,000 families are fed and safe.

Increasing the Public’s Access

In response to the national state of emergency emanating from the sudden and rapid spread of COVID19, ALEXBANK has partnered with the Italian Hospital (Umberto I), the largest Italian healthcare institution in Egypt and the Middle East operating since 1903, to give support to the Egyptian public reaching out for medical assistance, through an important initiative aimed at increasing the availability of Intensive Care Units in Cairo which are scarce in comparison to the population. The initiative aims to contribute to the containment of the global pandemic at national level and increase in the country’s capacity to treat respiratory disease – with particular attention to the victims of COVID19 in current times.


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