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2023: Echoes of Action

ALEXBANK’s 7th Annual Sustainability Report “ESG Amplified Echoes of Action”

ALEXBANK's 7th Annual Sustainability Report, showcases the bank ESG-rooted efforts in active listening and community engagement. With a keen understanding of Egyptian society's needs, the bank has initiated socio-economic programs that address diverse concerns.

The report has been prepared in accordance with the revised Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Universal Standards of 2021 in alignment with the CBE Sustainable Finance requirements.


2022: Enabling ESG Transition

ALEXBANK’s 6th Sustainability Report “Enabling ESG transition for an inclusive future”

ALEXBANK’s Sixth Sustainability Report “Enabling ESG transition for an inclusive future” showing the progress of its ESG transition journey through transparent disclosure building on its annual consecutive reporting throughout the previous years. The report manifests ALEXBANK’s accessibility and presence across Egypt as an innovative impact bank through the difference it strives to make everyday in people’s lives with its developed business operations and its powerful impactful community centred projects.
The report has been prepared in accordance with the revised Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Universal Standards 2021.

2021: Strategic & Responsible Growth

ALEXBANK’s 5th Sustainability Report “Strategic & Responsible Growth towards ESG Convergence”

ALEXBANK’s fifth Sustainability Report “Strategic & Responsible Growth towards ESG Convergence” reflects on the Bank’s progressive journey of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) expansion across various business operations and within our business strategy, in harmony with our parent company’s strategic vision. The report this year is unique in its nature, as it reflects on the Bank’s transparent reporting journey, voicing the developments of ALEXBANK’s robust reporting approach throughout the years. The report mirrors ALEXBANK’s adaptability towards the increasing attention on (ESG); reinforcing that our environmental and social initiatives are at the heart of ALEXBANK’s vision and governance model.

The report has been prepared in line with according to the revised Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Universal Standards 2021.

2020: Keeping Promises

ALEXBANK’s 4th Sustainability Report “Keeping Promises: A Path towards Shared Prosperity and Inclusivity” 

ALEXBANK’s 2020 Sustainability Report “Keeping Promises: A Path towards Shared Prosperity and Inclusivity” aims to shed light on the journey ALEXBANK has taken among this year’s unexpected events. Highlighting ALEXBANK’s Materiality Assessment and Stakeholder Engagement, this year’s report outlines the partnerships, initiatives, and projects ALEXBANK has embarked upon and the strategy and values it upholds. 

Covering the fiscal year 2020, this report has been prepared in accordance with Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards: Core Option. Furthermore, this fourth Sustainability Report’s content and quality is in alignment with reporting guidelines of ALEXBANK’s parent company, Intesa Sanpaolo Group, as well as GRI standards, and includes the frameworks of Egypt Vision 2030, United Nations Global Compact, and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 

ALEXBANK’s annual Sustainability Report addresses our resilience in keeping promises we made prior to the pandemic and our persistence in creating new initiatives and sustaining community impact despite the circumstances. 

In line with ALEXBANK’s strategic goals, this year’s report features our efforts in Digital Transformation in an effort to remain environmentally-conscious while providing a unique customer experience.

2019: Creating Connections

ALEXBANK’s 3rd Sustainability Report “Creating Connections to Empower Egyptian Youth”

ALEXBANK’s 2019 Sustainability Report “Creating Connections to Empower Egyptian Youth” serves as a testament to the continuous progress we are making in the field of sustainability reporting to create shared value which we look forward to upholding this tradition for many years moving forward.  The report has been prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards: Core Option. 

Our annual Sustainability Report is a reflection of the collective role all members of ALEXBANK community play to connect young Egyptians with the necessary educational, developmental and financial tools to become empowered citizens. All key components that once combined, establish a sustainable value creation framework that enables economic sustainable growth and stability.

As part of Intesa Sanpaolo Group, we have vowed to work towards building an institution that recognizes the connection between promoting inclusivity in the banking industry and the empowerment of Egypt’s future generations.

This year, we are thrilled to be showcasing the vision of three of Egypt’s rising photographers, who travelled across the country venturing from hidden oasis to jeweled countryside. They have been essential to not only capturing the behind the scenes of our community welfare projects but have played the role of storytellers in celebrating and portraying the employees who volunteer and continuously contribute to the success of our dynamic initiatives.

2018:Impact Through Innovation

ALEXBANK’s 2nd Sustainability Report “Impact Through Innovation: A New Phase of Sustainable Growth”

Our Sustainability Report is a tool that aims to document the value created for all ALEXBANK’s stakeholders. It builds on the success of our 2017 Sustainability Report in strengthening our endeavors to promote sustainable business operations. The 2018 Sustainability Report follows the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards for sustainable reporting and describes the results achieved in 2018 with a vision on the future.

This year, we are proud to feature a collection of pictures captured from various locations across Egypt of our projects and our connection with the communities surrounding us and our projects. These pictures showcase the authenticity and diversity of our culture cherished by its people in close and distant locations. We would like to shed light on the incredible work so many of us are carrying in silence to preserve the Egyptian heritage we are all bound to. We look forward to growing with purpose with them. For the coming three years, we have plans to increase our efforts towards environmental and social sustainability, wider financial inclusion, further develop our responsible investments, and strengthen local actors active in the arts, culture, and preservation of heritage.

In an effort to stay true to our Egyptian identity, we are currently working on the Arabic version of the report, which we will be sharing with you very soon and releasing on our website.

2017: Creating Shared Value 

ALEXBANK’s 1st Sustainability Report “Creating Shared Value: Driving Financial Inclusivity across Egypt”

ALEXBANK is proud to take a step further in strengthening its efforts toward integrated and sustainable development and environmental context in which it operates. We aim at incorporating social development and environmental sustainability dimensions into our core business operations, creating shared value for ALEXBANK, its employees, customers, partners and the communities that host and support our operations.

We are aware that creating long-term value for all our stakeholders is a direct function of doing business sustainably and responsibly. Therefore, ALEXBANK has the ambition to reduce possible negative impacts on society and the environment by adhering to the Egyptian laws and regulations, strict internal codes and procedures, as well as international initiatives and standards for sound risk management and decision-making in the realms of Human Rights, social value creation, climate change, and biodiversity. 

The 2017 Sustainability Report is ALEXBANK’s first Sustainability Report and describes the results achieved in 2017 with a vision on the future. It follows the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards for sustainable reporting. 

Sustainability News & Topics

Sustainability News & Topics is a true reflection of the diverse projects being introduced at ALEXBANK that range from introducing initiatives to empower Egypt’s finest artisans or raising awareness on environmental issues through film and history. More importantly, it highlights the expansion of our efforts to works towards a better future for all Egyptians. This bi-annual publication is one of many resources set in place to establish transparency and accountability at ALEXBANK for all our stakeholders. It remains one of our main communication tools and is crucial to ensuring our partners are made aware of the initiatives and breakthroughs the Bank is instigating more frequently.

Guide to Financing

ALEXBANK is proud to publish its first Creative Industries Guide to Financing specifically tailored for the Egyptian handicrafts sector. The Guide provides information on all available products and services pertaining to the Microfinance segment as well as other services offered by ALEXBANK including Point of Sales (PoS) Machines, Insurance Products, Debit Cards and Wallets. Through this Guide, we hope to reach and attract Egyptian handicraftsmen, allowing them to further grow and expand their microbusinesses, while supporting our aim of reaching greater financial inclusion.

Response Map to COVID-19

The scale and severity of the COVID-19 pandemic has taken us and the world by surprise. It has been a challenging time for people and businesses across the globe and every aspect of our lives has been affected by uncertainty.

As a responsible bank part of Intesa Sanpaolo Group, the well-being, health, and safety of people remains ALEXBANK’s top priority. We are doing everything we can to keep our body of staff and the communities where we operate safe while we continue to support our customers bridge this challenging period and come out stronger on the other side.

Our response to the pandemic has been taking different shapes since the inception and COVID-19’s spread. The various reactions, measures and activities to protect our colleagues’ health and wellbeing, our communities’ intensified needs and our customers’ various business challenges are laid out transparently in  this special publication of  ALEXBANK’s Response Map to COVID-19.

We hope our Response Map to COVID-19 proves helpful and encourage all readers to get in touch with us for inquiries or suggestions via CSR@alexbank.com.

The Principles for Responsible Bank

The Principles for Responsible Banking provide a framework and guidelines for a more sustainable banking industry designed by the United Nations Environment Programme – Financial Initiative.  Their purpose is to ensure that Signatory Banks’ strategy and daily operations align with the societal, and environmental wellbeing, and strive towards the implementation of the Sustainable development Goals (SDGs) the Paris Climate Agreement, and national frameworks such as Egypt’s Vision 2030.

Being a Signatory of the Principles for Responsible Banking, ALEXBANK takes their implementation in a serious regard, and constantly strives towards their implementation in day to day operation. The six Principles for Responsible Banking focus on Alignment; Impact & Target Setting; Clients & Customers; Stakeholders; Governance & Culture; and Transparency & Accountability. 

Signatory Banks strive towards positive change, that will lead to a future in which the banking community acts in a responsible manner, both internally and externally. In a manner consistent with the sixth principle, Transparency & Accountability, this Report sheds light on our implementation, targets, impact, and progress.

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