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Egypt Speaks Handcrafts


Under the auspices of the Ministry of Social Solidarity, ALEXBANK participates as strategic partner for the third year in a row at the 61st edition of Diarna Exhibition, this year under the slogan “Egypt speaks craftsmanship”, in partnership also with Sawiris Foundation for Social Development and “We”, the mobile operator of Telecom Egypt. The exhibition is taking place from the 15th to 25th of February at the Cairo Festival City Mall, New Cairo.

ALEXBANK participation continues to participate in the exhibition through its flagship initiative “Ebda3 Men Masr”, aiming to enable 300 exhibitors from all over Egypt to promote their authentic artwork, create selling opportunities, and introduce them to new markets.

The opening ceremony was attended by the minister of Social Solidarity Dr. Nevine al-Qabaj, Ms. Laila Hosni Head of CSR and Sustainable Development at ALEXBANK, Ms. Noura Selim Executive director at Sawiris Foundation for Social Development, Mr. Adel Hamed, Managing Director and CEO of Telecom Egypt and Mrs. Naglaa Nosier – CSR Director at WE. 

This year’s edition, applying all precautionary measures and instructions of the Ministry of Health and with the strategic support of the Egyptian Red Crescent Society, will be held for 10 days across extended hours, in a dedicated area of above 2800 square meters with plans to regulate entries, controlling the simultaneous presences to prevent overcrowding, while using the required sanitizing measures. 

Diarna 2021 celebrates the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees “UNHCR “as a guest of honor, as well as continuing to showcase full inclusivity as it includes dedicated areas for 30 artisans and artists with disabilities from different non-governmental organizations and social institutions, to provide them with an opportunity to showcase their products while presenting success stories.

Dr. Nevine al-Qabaj stated:” Diarna exhibition comes this year with a new slogan, which confirms our pride in craftsmanship and its quality, and the emphasis on heritage and culture, the exhibition is for all Egyptians, especially as we seek to open new and diverse markets for exporting products.”

The minister added that holding the exhibition at this time sends a clear message that we are determined to hard-work, stating that  Diarna serves into exchanging experiences and integrate crafts, stressing that the exhibition this year witnesses the existence of a workshop for children to bring out their creativity, and to raise children on Art, as there is interest in Arabic calligraphy and its beauty, so the exhibition highlights a wide area of ​​interest in Arabic calligraphy.

The Minister of Solidarity indicated that the exhibition is held annually in several governorates, while having the annual exhibition held in Cairo, noting that the new edition of the exhibition is held in accordance with all precautionary measures and in accordance with the instructions of the Ministry of Health and in strategic support of the Egyptian Red Crescent Society abiding by all measures.

"ALEXBANK is glad to continue its cooperation with the Ministry of Social Solidarity through Diarna exhibition, a truly exhibition of “impact”, especially this year when, besides the aim of promoting once more the creative economy nurtured by skilled Egyptian craftsmen, it means to highlight the high sense of hospitality and inclusion proper of the Egyptian society that the MoSS intends to celebrate, Dante Campioni, Managing Director & CEO of ALEXBANK stated.

He added: "With this we aim to nurture the continuous successes of our flagship initiative “Ebda3 Men Masr”, that recently was brought also “digital” through a dedicated on-line shop at Jumia.com, aware of the importance of supporting business that contribute to an inclusive and sustainable development of the Egyptian economy.”

Engineer Nora Selim added: “We are happy with our participation this year in Diarna exhibition, which is one of the largest handcrafts and heritage exhibitions held in Egypt, playing an important social role in supporting Egyptian craftsmen by creating marketing outlets for their distinguished products, and in rooting and highlighting the heritage spread in different governorates of Egypt”. Nora added that Sawiris Foundation has the honor this year to present the products of the “Qestna f herfetna” initiative, which is implemented in partnership with ALEXBANK, with the aim of integrating craftsmen and women with disabilities in the handcrafts sector.

Engineer Adel Hamed, Managing Director and CEO of Telecom Egypt “We”, stated that the company’s sponsorship of the Diarna exhibition this year comes within the cooperation protocol signed with the Ministry of Social Solidarity, which extends for a period of 3 years and includes several axes, the most important of which is sponsoring of all exhibitions related to productive families exhibitions in different governorates, and the development of the permanent exhibition at the Ministry of Social Solidarity, with the aim of supporting and empowering productive families and promoting their handcrafts and heritage products through a digital platform online, as well as training and raising the efficiency of 1000 people with special capabilities and qualifying them for the labor market, in addition to training and raising the efficiency of 1000 employees of the central units of NGOs in the training centers of the company that are located in different governorates. 

He added that Telecom Egypt is always striving to participate in Diarna exhibition based on its social responsibility and with the aim of improving the life of different groups of the society, fighting unemployment and poverty, while encouraging Egyptian products and improving their qualities, as well as supporting and empowering both small productive families and those with special capabilities.

It is worth noting that ALEXBANK is extremely keen in promoting handicrafts activities both locally and internationally since the launch of its pioneering initiative Ebda3 Men Masr, which aims at promoting Egyptian handicrafts and traditional arts inherited through generations, especially in Egypt’s remote areas.

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