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"Nagah" Program

Choose the best for your children’s education
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Enjoy MetLife insurance programs with ALEXBANK.

A specially designed program for ALEXBANK customers

A bundle of benefits to help you provide the best for your children’s education:

  • The program will help you plan your child's education. Saving money starts as soon as your policy is issued setting a clear path towards the future you wish your children to have.
  • A lump sum will be paid out in case of death or partial/total disability of the policy owner due to an accident.
  • If loss of life occurs due to an accident, the beneficiaries will receive an additional 50% of the account value, with the maximum to be disbursed set at an equivalent of USD 200,000.
  • Waiver of premium: In case of the policy owner’s accidental death or disability, MetLife will waive all the remaining premiums on the policy to guarantee that your goals are unaffected.
  • You will enjoy having the benefits of a second medical opinion from one of the best hospitals in the world.
  • Freedom to choose the most suitable payment method (monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, yearly).

Golden Package

The golden package consists of all the above -mentioned benefits in addition to, an income benefit add-on, which provides your beneficiaries with access to monthly income to help your dependents cope with the loss of your income in case of death or disability.

*This program is provided by MetLife Insurance Company.

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