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Road side assistance

By Aman ASharq

As a Private customer you can enjoy 24/7 roadside assistance across Egypt in case of any malfunction, damage, accident and vehicle transport as :

Car Towing Services

  • In case of a breakdown or accidents, the company would take the required arrangements to tow the vehicle from its location to the nearest service center or any other location you want, with a limit of 250 KMs for the ride.
  • In the case of not being able to perform the service, Aman ASharq will pay you the towing service fees, with a limit of EGP 250, the client must call the Aman ASharq call center 16731 during the process and gives the exact location and presents the invoice as well.
  • You must contact Aman ASharq call center 16731 in case of malfunction or damage

Tire Replacement

  • Incase of flat tire , Aman ASharq will send you technician to change your tire.
  • The coverage does not include repair or welding expenses.
  • The spare tire shall be in good condition.

Fuel Delivery

  • If your vehicle runs out of fuel, the company can provide you with amount of fuel (according to the maximum amount that can be transformed safely) and you shall pay for the fuel cost only.

Battery Recharge

  • If the car does not run because of battery failure, the company sends a technician to recharge it temporarily to be able to start the car with an external battery, this service does not include battery repair.

Providing Information

The company provides information to the customer about service centers, hospitals, ambulances, and everything related to accidents or malfunction.

Activation Process
Call 16731 within 30 days after receiveing the text message
Provide the company with membership ID number that you received in the SMS and the registered car information
the service will be activated after 3 days from the activation call and it will last for 365 days
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