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Cashback up to EGP 250,000

Get cashback up to EGP 250,000

Increase your balance in ALEXPLUS & Tawfeer Plus accounts with EGP 500K & its multiples for 3 consecutive months and get cashback up to EGP 250,000 according to the following tiers:

Flexible financing solutions for salaried customers
3 months average balance increase
  • From EGP 500K - EGP 1M 0.50% cashback
  • From EGP 1M - EGP 5M 1.00% cashback
  • Above EGP 5M 1.50% cashback

Terms & Conditions: 

  • Campaign is valid from 1st  August 2021 till 31st December 2021
  • New and existing Private  customers are eligible for this campaign
  • Minimum amount is EGP 500K & its multiples to be deposited in ALEXPLUS or Tawfeer Plus for 3 consecutive months
  • Increase the average balance of Tawfeer Plus or ALEXPLUS with EGP 500K and it's multiples for 3 months, and this increase must be reflected in customer’s total liabilities balance with the same amount or more within the bank 
  • Deposits must be fresh funds, not transferred from another account within bank or from another products
  • Cashback will be paid on incremental amounts. Customer will not receive more than one cashback reward per each incremental amount
  • Cashback amount is calculated on the total increased balance in both accounts (Tawfeer Plus & ALEXPLUS)
  • Last day for deposit is 31st December 2021  to be eligible for this campaign 
  • Maximum cashback amount per customer is EGP 250,000
  • Cashback will be added to customers' accounts mid month from November 2021 till April 2022
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