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0% Interest Installment+15% Cashback

Ramdan Kareem, now you can pay all your purchases for Ramadan’s shopping from any “supermarket, restaurant or patisserie store” in installments from 12 months up to 36 months with 0% interest rate or request cash installment with 0% interest rate and enjoy 15% cashback on all your installment transactions. You can also be one of the 4 lucky spenders who will have the chance to win valuable gifts each week (during Ramadan) based on the highest local spend per each card type.

  • Campaign is valid from from 1st of March till end of Ramadan.
  • Campaign includes both 0% interest purchase and cash installments with admin fees.
  • Apply for installment request and register in the campaign by calling 19033 during the campaign period.
  • Minimum transaction amount for purchase installment request is EGP 500
  • Minimum transaction amount for cash installment request is EGP 2,000.
  • Admin fees is applied on the installment amount one time upon booking.

Each credit card registered for the cashback campaign is capped as per the below:

  • EGP 5,000 for Mastercard World Credit Card 
  • EGP 3,000 for Mastercard Platinum Credit Card 
  • EGP 1,500 for Mastercard Titanium Credit Card 
  • EGP 750 for Mastercard Gold Credit Card 

Terms & conditions apply


No issuance fees for new credit card

Apply now for ALEXBANK’s credit card and enjoy 100% discount on issuance fees.

  • Offer is valid till 15th of April 2024.
  • Offer is valid for primary cards only.
  • Customers must activate the credit card within one month from issuance month.
  • Issuance fees refund will be applied the next month from activation date.

Terms & conditions apply




Now you are earning more ALEXPOINTS on all your purchases with ALEXBANK Credit and Debit Cards. Stay safe & use cards instead of cash!

Debit Cards Points on every EGP 1
World Debit Card 3 3
Mastercard Platinum Debit Card 1.75 2
Mastercard YOUTH Debit Card 1.25 1.5
Visa Platinum Debit Card 1.75 2
Inspire Debit Card 1.25 1.5
Visa YOUTH Debit Card 1 1
Credit Card Points on every EGP 1
World Credit Card 3 4
Platinum Credit Card 2 3
Titanium Credit Card 2 2
Gold Credit Card 1.25 1.5

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  • Please note that all credit cards issued starting from 12th of December 2023 will not be eligible for international spend (cash , purchase or online transaction) for the first 6 months from issuance date

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