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Mobile Applications

Download the latest ALEXBANK and Intesa San Paolo mobile application now

Mobile Banking Application

With Mobile Banking Application access all of your ALEXBANK accounts easily and monitor your transactions instantly wherever you are inside or outside the country.

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Ma7fazty Application

Send and receive money, pay your utility bills, your mobile top-ups and ADSL. You can also purchase goods & pay for services from selected merchants, and cash in and cash out from any ALEXBANK branch or Fawry agent …. your possibilities are endless.

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ALEXBANK O-Key Application

Mobile tokens bring you security and peace of mind when banking online.

Enables you to authorise your mobile or internet banking transactions via a strong, secure authentication process. The mobile token is better known as the ALEXBANK O-Key mobile application. The app is available for Android and iOS devices to generate one-time passwords for use in mobile or internet banking. 

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ALEXPOINTS Application

Check all ALEXPOINTS offering and have an exceptional world class shopping experience full of exclusive benefits and discounts, designed specifically to cater for your daily shopping needs. Without any subscription fees or additional cost, you will automatically enroll to ALEXPOINTS program that consists of ALEXPOINTS and ALEXDISCOUNTS. 

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