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Meeza Prepaid Card

Facilitate all your governmental transactions, daily purchases & monthly bills

Key Features

Immediate Card Issuance

Get the card immediately by visiting any ALEXBANK branch

Cash Deposit & Withdrawal

Free cash deposit & withdrawal from any ALEXBANK ATM

Pay your Governmental Transaction Easily

A safer and more convenient option than carrying money

Stay safe, use cards instead of cash!

Stay safe, use cards instead of cash!

All ALEXBANK cards daily purchase limits .


  • Get the card immediately from any branch
  • No need to open a bank account
  • Don’t give your card to the merchant, use the contactless feature to pay any transaction up to EGP 600 with just a tap on the POS and without the need to enter your PIN code
  • Reload the card and withdraw cash from any ALEXBANK ATM for free
  • Pay your governmental transactions, pay your bills & domestic purchases easily
  • Enjoy “Fawry” services on all ALEXBANK ATMs
  • Cash withdrawal from any ATM inside Egypt
  • 24/7 call center to help you inside Egypt
  • Now you can perform instant cash withdrawal and deposit transactions using your Meeza Card through Fawry POS machines. know more
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